A Morning of Plank Jacks and Protein

A Morning of Plank Jacks and Protein

Cassey Ho helps a fan feed the change of her new workout routine with a Special K Protein breakfast.

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54 Responses

  1. patrick edouard says:

    That Ho is everywhere.

  2. patrick edouard says:


  3. patrick edouard says:

    She s a Ho.

  4. ツCrow says:

    At least finish your damn cereal

  5. Ja Wi says:

    What happened to that girl that had the big balls now they have a Ho

  6. Alison Redfox #AgentRowdy says:

    Please stop making fun of her name

  7. TheRawfishking says:

    I gotta give it her… She’s got massive balls to be able to do this promo. Big Ups lady.

  8. Carla Sue JONES says:

    Kid Rock

  9. databang says:

    Apparently, Special K is waamyn cereal for the gynocentric supremacy movement.

  10. NienitaO says:

    I love Cassey. Always motivating people to be better ?

  11. Randy Le says:

    Casey wifey material

  12. Angela Scott says:


  13. Gieo Pensoneault says:

    I can’t believe Im giving a thumbs up to a commercial, but stranger things have occurred

  14. Bill S says:

    Thumbs down..

  15. RachelXO says:

    Casey Ho is so empowering and positive! I can’t get enough of her workouts?

  16. Tanya Sites says:

    Red meat is a much better source of protein and iron, plus there’s no sugar!

  17. Hello says:

    Why is this trending?

  18. Josh&Katie Vlogs says:

    Trending is a joke confirmed.

  19. A Plant says:

    An ad is trending….. what has happened to YouTube? The trending page has just become corporations ads and talk shows :/

  20. Jenny A says:

    Haha Casey Ho is also a Hindi greeting for “how are you?”

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