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20 Responses

  1. David Davidson says:

    That’s nice, now get back to making good videos that aren’t about YouTube

  2. Unruly Wookiee says:

    May the FUPA be with you.

  3. Ak75sa says:

    But what if… All of this was planned? ;0!

  4. WrathZappa says:

    All hail FUPA!

  5. Oerba Zay says:

    Papa bless you

  6. Arokhantos says:

    Youtube needs to start flagging videos that are fair use so they cannot be
    flagged for content id etc anymore.

  7. Aquaman says:

    Do they have a book on the shelf that says “Vape Nation” with the h3 symbol
    on it? Vape Naysh y’all.

  8. Stuart Saffioti says:

    I feel that this just isn’t a new step in fair use, I feel it will allow us
    to unite the YouTube community, and allow people to set aside their
    differences. Papa bless

  9. TheCulturalBomb says:

    Holy shit now that’s a list of some of Youtubes biggest channels, oh and a

  10. Nothing but Josh says:

    It’s just a prank bro

  11. 330MLCokeCan says:

    would have been better if that $100,000 was used on African who are dying
    unlike these two Jewish cunts

  12. GiermoWizard says:

    I loved how they named it after Ethan’s stomach fupa

  13. Snoop Derp says:


  14. Anna Reynolds says:

    This is such a beautiful story. This video is like the part of the movie
    where the emotional motivational music swells and the guy said “What do we
    do now?” and then it shows a montage of them being the best people on earth
    and everything is beautiful and wow i’m crying

  15. Jimi W says:

    The FUPA shall overcome!

  16. ZaTcH says:


  17. The Light says:

    Fupa LOL I love you two 

  18. Alexander Uzaizi says:

    Keemstar couldn’t help but try to restore his credibility by crowd
    pleasing, everyone still hates you, cunt.

  19. Card Index says:

    Serious question, is Hila learning disabled

  20. Bob Norris says:

    hahah the dislikes are 666