A New Chapter..

A New Chapter..


I have literally missed you and YouTube so much and I am so excited to be posting again. I hope everyone is safe and staying sanitary and sane in this world craziness. We will all get through this together. love you so much.

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37 Responses

  1. Morgan Adams says:

    I’m so excited to post this and can’t wait to start posting regularly again. Thank you for giving me time. I love you so much and I hope you are safe and healthy in this world craziness. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Katelyn L says:

    The dialogue used for all of your ‘guests’ is the best thing of 2020.

  3. Nikki Ki says:

    “The ringer called *ring *ring it’s your turn to go through the ringer” lol relatabllleeeee

  4. Soaked Croissant says:

    Morgan having a breakdown and explaining her life as a chef is my WHOLE MOOD.

  5. M Benouni says:

    I DONT GET WHY SHE’S BEING BODY SHAMED!!!, ive always thought she’s beautiful and gorgeous!

    • loitadora says:

      even if she wasn’t, she should not get body shamed.

    • Misha Knights says:

      Because people are arseholes and don’t like others being happy so they think they should comment that shit 👎👎

    • Chronically Kelly says:

      She never should’ve been…. Literally nobody ever deserves that, but in this case *especially* not someone with as kind, and innocent, if a soul as Morgan. Some ppl lose weight with stress and anxiety/depression, and some people gain it. None of them (I’m included in “them” here, lol, as I suffer from the same issues) feel good about themselves when that’s happening, and I can’t imagine having people *validate* those awful feelings, simply because they are jealous, sitting behind a keyboard and are anonymous, and because they *can.* It’s really sad.

    • Sonicfan 123 says:

      Ngl she is hot

  6. Halie Marie says:

    “Im finally mentally stable”

    5 mins later: lets put pictures of my family and friends up and add clips of them talking to have their presense here with me while burning my jacket that had bad vibes in it!

    Love you Morgan! Im so glad you’re starting to be happy in your life!

  7. Maddie Moonz says:

    Morgan: Mentally Stable
    Me: *Claps while my sister is sleeping*

  8. GretaX marI says:

    I lost it when the pictures talked NEJDVJDNDBRJDKKRSHAHAHHA

  9. Jamie R Taylor says:

    morgan: ‘i’m mentally stable’
    morgan: *makes a video yelling and screaming, then throws a party with paper print-outs*

    im just kidding, i love you and am really happy for you. ive binged watched you for 72hrs in isolation and you allways make me smile😊👏

  10. Rachel says:

    “One minute I’m serving chips and salsa next I’m posting on Insta and getting yelled at for using a plastic straw” was what stuck with me through this whole video

  11. Beth Hampshire says:

    This is the most quarantine thing I’ve seen.

  12. Katelynn Rose says:

    I wish I could stay home but as an “essential” gas station worker I cannot. But on the plus side, with everything going on, this girl gets 2 days off 😂

    • Erin Delamater says:

      Dude saaame I work at a grocery store. Finally have two days off. Stay healthy 💪🙏

    • Wow Ok says:

      Same! Drive-thru only fast-food here. 🤷‍♀️ Guess that’s essential.

    • Hwarner says:

      I’m stuck between wishing I could stay home and being grateful I still have my job. I’m a nurse tech at the hospital working on cardiac patients primarily but we are a floor below where they keep all the covid patients. We house all the people who have been ruled out.

    • elara says:

      Katelynn Rose literally same. I work at a damn ice cream shop and they call us “essential workers bc we are take out”

  13. Kaetlyn Arndt says:

    “I’m mentally stable..” *prints out her family and throws a “party” alone* Morgan, are you actually okay?

  14. MissMacy says:

    She’s my favorite. That’s it. She’s just my favorite person on the whole freakin world 🌻🤍

  15. Alanna Lowry says:

    I love Morgan so much 😭 she’s the only person that would think to talk about making a pie like that and I started crying when she said she was mentally stable like damn girl go you maybe I’ll be there someday

  16. Ethan Power says:

    The world: Is on fire
    Morgan: Is mentally stable finally

  17. Christine Cuddemi says:

    Literally crying laughing when the pictures and clips of each person talking was playing!!!! Gold medal content! 😂😂😂❤️

    Also: one of my cats very much enjoyed this video – he was concerned with the fire though! 😂

  18. Madalyn Gilles says:

    Morgan: I’m finally mentally stable

    Also Morgan: talks to people who aren’t actually there in her kitchen

    But in all seriousness I’m happy for you 😁❤️

  19. Katherine Jeon says:

    Her neighbors: *look out the window and think she’s a camgirl*
    Morgan: *throws herself a party with lights and alcohol*
    Her neighbrors: aight NOW I’m concerned

  20. Quirky Kaitlyn says:

    When she said “I’m gonna say it”. I thought she was gonna say “I don’t care that you broke your elbow!”

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