A polarized America

A polarized America

Increasingly, we Americans occupy alternate universes, with very little common ground — only battling perceptions of reality. A Pew study finds 81% of voters say they cannot agree with the other side on basic facts, and in this age of the Internet and cable TV, very little is out of bounds. Ted Koppel talks with Fox News host Sean Hannity, New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute about the state of political discourse today.

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20 Responses

  1. MsPrincesspaulina says:

    Maybe it’s time to bring The Fairness Doctrine back into media law?

  2. TravelerPat says:

    Look at what happened to Thailand when a billionaire was prime minister with populist policies. The country was divided kind of similar to what’s happening in America right now.

  3. Robert Rodgers says:

    The problem is psychopaths vs decent people. Treasonous Trump’s Chumps are a mix of fools & psychopaths. Whereas, people who are grounded in reality and who have the capacity for compassion are opposed to everything supported by Trump’s Chumps.

  4. Jessica Blesses says:

    The problem is that the oligarchy wants this division and people are too idiotic to recognize it

  5. Myron Birdsong says:

    Ted Koppel Crushed Sean Sannities wittle feeling …Much Respect to you ted

  6. Rob Spencer says:

    in this segment that is Koppel’s, Hannity still will interrupt, won’t let him finish which is disrespectful. he didn’t say Sean is a bad guy, he said shows like his are bad for America, which is absolutely true.

  7. Keith Turner says:

    Beautiful piece sir. Thank you.

  8. Jake Mapping says:

    A little over 1 thousand views and trending…

  9. Angel Salinas says:

    Yup that snake Obama who deported more illegals than any other president in history….but open borders am I right

  10. Publius Cornelius Scipio says:

    Liberals are dividing America further apart. They need to migrate to Canada like they promised. I guess lying is in their genes.

  11. Jake Day Williams says:

    A thousand views and trending? YouTube’s agenda everyone.

  12. Ben Glick says:

    7:23 – Spicer slips and almost says the president is “authoritarian”.

  13. Nicole's Saggy titties TV says:

    It’s actually disgusting to think we have the largest military in the world, and no country will ever stand against us, but at the end it will be Americans who end America

  14. tatical1975 says:

    we are a nation that has been poked by the government. making us go right or left pushing us towards a civil war. the left are in the streets looking like a bunch of dumbasses and cry babies. the right is primed for countering the left BUT if we do, martial law will start. that means civil war 2. but FAKE MSM can go to hell!!!! fuck them all!!!!

  15. TheNBAFreak says:

    Just over 3K views – number 13 on Trending. My new video – 110K views in less than a day – not on Trending. Okay, YouTube, fuck you too.

  16. ParticlePhysXAnomaly says:

    There aren’t too many true journalists left. Nowadays with social mediasphere, you can tribalize into groups that believe the same idealogies as yourself, and so you don’t seek truth over self-fulfilling bias. People need to be sharp and vigilant.

  17. Olga Voronkova says:

    Have you guys looked at the stock market lately Trumps economic policies are working…

  18. Bill Bob says:

    Two sides trapped in echo chambers.

  19. Glorious E says:

    You’re right, you’re a TOTAL MESS ??????you’re right again?you’re a very, very Fake guy in the house ?

  20. Unbiased Bucs Fan says:

    Why not we call Democrats “Liberals” and Republicans “Conservatives”? Oh wait, people on the Internet already do that… ?

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