The Fisherman vs The Industrialist

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20 Responses

  1. Just Another Nobody says:

    Great story! Life isn’t about money. It’s about happiness!

  2. Retarded Deadly Slayer says:

    That was a really really
    Powerful story

  3. Pineapple says:

    Who’s watching in 2018?

  4. Sam Shepherd says:

    Looks like the monopoly guy

  5. UkeMania says:

    monopoly is that you?

  6. Ava Murphy says:

    You don’t need money to enjoy life ❤

  7. Katie Lui says:

    A 1 minute video just made me question my entire existence

  8. Mmarcella99 says:

    Enjoy your life ?❤️

  9. Gazelle Samyueru says:

    I absolutely agree with this, but remember; *if you **_enjoy_** catching more fish, building more boats and expanding your business, go for it!*

  10. Mr Randumb Stuff says:

    Once Upon a Time a Kid prayed to God for a Bike. But after some Time He realized That god Doesn’t Work That way! And then He Stole One and Prayed For Forgiveness. TRUTH OF LIFE

  11. Glenn Gasner says:

    People say I should get off YouTube so I could actually enjoy life. What do you think I’m doing now?

  12. TrueMOBSTER says:

    Powerful message ?

  13. Moayad Ali Bahakeem says:

    the mustache on the monopoly guy is not on its place

  14. box LIFE21 says:

    why am i still subed?

  15. Mark Brand says:

    Would someone explain why a video with 35k views after 3 hours is on trending?

  16. Android Hacks says:

    This was the quickest life story

  17. Bence Illes says:

    Actually the rich man was right!

  18. Haku says:

    hey prince ea, what do u think of the documentary “cowspiracy”? do u eat vegetarian /vegan yourself?

  19. Alfredo Ornelas says:

    but muh money n muh boats n muh hoes…

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