A Presidential Message from George Washington (Alec Baldwin) | One Night Only: Alec Baldwin

A Presidential Message from George Washington (Alec Baldwin) | One Night Only: Alec Baldwin

The First President of the United States, George Washington, has a message for Alec Baldwin. “One Night Only: Alec Baldwin” premieres Sunday, July 9th at 9/8c on Spike.

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On June 25th, New York’s famed Apollo Theater will host a gathering of friends and colleagues paying tribute to Alec Baldwin.

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20 Responses

  1. Ruth Hernandez says:

    Not funny!

  2. jbvader721 says:

    Oh my God! It’s George Trumpington.

  3. Pete.M. says:

    Looks exactly like Low I.Q Mika Bloody Fake Face!

  4. Scott Wilson says:

    This is funny?

  5. Hara Yaya says:

    5.7k views and it is on Trending?

  6. ajttambo says:


  7. David abott says:

    this guy has to go he really sucks

  8. Alex L says:

    Let the ignorant red necks unite against this video….aand begin:

  9. Re1ik says:

    Trending with only 7000 views. Yea…algorithm my ass!!

  10. Blake Alfaro says:

    I love this man

  11. Mighty MuSc says:

    Don’t mock GW👎

  12. Dino Con says:


  13. Don Won says:

    Republicans are triggered everywhere.

  14. Trap Soul says:

    Why is this trending? YouTube team is being bias .. again.

  15. Extreme Donald Trump says:

    Liberals have the brain of a toddler to think this is comedy

  16. SharksFartingOutLasers says:

    I’m a liberal and this just isn’t funny. I don’t wanna hear the exact same Trump jokes all the time. He has way too much to make fun of for you to be this unoriginal.

  17. damrak1969 says:

    Baldwin is a fucking embarrassment.

  18. Josh Chung says:

    Yawn… getting kinda old don’t ya think

  19. Rick Sanchez is right. says:

    uh oh. grumpy little trumpies gonna be all mad in the comments.

  20. Doesnt Matter says:

    Hearing liberals say “snowflake” in this comment section is like hearing elderly people trying to use modern slang.

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