A Primer On Puerto Rico | October 4, 2017 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

A Primer On Puerto Rico | October 4, 2017 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

A quick look at Puerto Rico’s hundred-year history of getting screwed with their pantalones on by the United States. With Javier Muñoz.

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20 Responses

  1. ThE DuCk says:

    Trump is proof that you can’t be too rich to be old white trash .

  2. nedkelly60 says:

    Wake up USA…hateful little man has to go!

  3. Chris A says:

    Great leadership you got there, USA.

  4. flipmaya says:

    Javier is so cute

  5. double leaf says:

    All people around him should stop being nice to him and teach him how a decent adult should act, he was never taught that apparently

  6. Somethingclever says:

    Big water.

  7. Imoddest Oddish says:

    Only someone with NO basic empathy would tell Hurricane survivors that they’re “putting the budget out of whack”.

  8. Nory-Chan says:

    I need to share this with every old person online who tells me to do my research on my own island but also asks me why we don’t ask other countries for help.

  9. Elena Diaz says:

    Does Melania play poker? That pokerface in the face of stupidity is amazing

  10. RoughneckMP says:

    Donald Trump has to be double jointed…. there’s no way you can pat yourself on your own back that much without breaking your own arm.

  11. nromk says:

    <> me cries……

  12. Hockey Patriot says:

    As a Puerto Rican born in New York, I just want to say, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Samantha Bee.

  13. sprybug says:

    Puerto Rico, you’re in an abusive relationship with the US.
    Get out, save yourselves!

  14. Kevin Xavier says:

    Oh! Oh! You also forgot that Puerto Ricans are not eligible for the U.S. Election!

  15. Just the Coolest Dude Yo says:

    Hearing about Puerto Rico’s endemic poverty, I feel so helpless. Sure, we can help them recover from the hurricane (and we *really* should be getting on that Donald), but how do you fix these systemic problems? You either keep taxes so low that the island can’t benefit from business moving in, or you have regular tax levels and deal with nobody having a business there. Maybe invest in a strong education system, from K-12 to college, and develop programs like Stanford has that fosters STEM-based start-ups, and make sure you have strong worker’s rights/unions to make sure the profit of these companies doeesn’t get clustered among a small few (and also maybe undo the Jones Act, which I believe is now suspended)? How would they do this given their current debt?

  16. Divya Sasidharan says:

    PR is in a forced abusive relationship ☹️
    Modern day slavery !!!

  17. geno mccgeno says:

    Trump is actually right this time. Puerto Rico is an island, and it really is surrounded by water.Those are both cold, hard facts! It looks like Trump really did his homework on this one.

  18. Jeff the Marmo says:

    Melania always sits quietly next to him ~ and looks like she wishes she was somewhere else……

  19. Swnsasy _ says:

    *face palm* I really don’t understand how most Americans don’t know this.. Ooh wait, we spend almost a trillion dollars on wars and take 9 billion dollar cuts to education.. We are #1 in many areas though.. Just not ANY good ones..

  20. New Message says:

    I bet if the ship to Puerto Rico was his buddy William Levitt’s yacht, he’d have shown up lickety-split.

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