A Regrettable Office Cartoon

A Regrettable Office Cartoon

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Additional Animation: Fantishow

Backgrounds: Davecavedraws

Audio Engineer: Justin Greger

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59 Responses

  1. TheMLGenius124 _ says:

    “Curse you, Jim, and your wacky pranks.”

    The wacky pranks: 0:18

  2. Hawpuh says:


    Yo he aint talking about Dwight anymore, he’s looking right at us. 4 walls can’t protect us from Jims’ truth

  3. Allelujah Rivero says:

    the outro is even cursed

  4. chile9615 says:

    Is everyone in love with Pam?

    Will the Network force the show into being canon?

    Will Patrick Star ever see his forehead?

    Find out!!

    On the next episode of Dragon Ball Z

  5. Danby Porkskins says:

    0:33 i nearly threw my computer when i heard the crunch.

  6. Hambo325 says:

    Dating girls in highschool be like:
    “I love you Jim”
    “Don’t touch me”

  7. Yeet. mp4 says:


    top 10 famous quotes

  8. Nikolai Kalashnikov says:

    Stop making me feel like a child lol, that made me laugh waayyyy too hard.

  9. Fiercefox 444 says:

    Me: “Find the difference between these two pictures.”

    *Holds up a picture of XQC*
    *Holds up a picture of Michael*

    Pam: “They’re exactly the same.”

  10. Obinna E says:

    I was sitting w a smirk but then lost it at 0:37 when you could hear dwights fish tank brain

  11. Toads with the Buttered Toast says:

    As a fan myself, I can say that this is sadly too accurate to the show.

  12. Holy water indeed says:

    Jim slapping Dwight: *sounds like water drops*

  13. Nkesh Patel says:

    My WoRLd Is CruMbLiNg AroUnD mE

  14. 25 Cents says:

    This is the actual POV of Creed bratton at the office.

  15. engetsu75 says:

    Damn he didn’t have to press down on the soft spot of Dwight’s developing skull.

  16. Isa B.M Halal boi says:

    1:21 did i just caught you s-simping? AHAUAVSHDBXUSNDJDNFO

  17. Christian Fecteau says:

    This isn’t The Office, Dwight has died. And this is his hell.
    (Notice the screams at the end)

  18. NickThePringle says:

    “My world is crumbling around me”
    If 2020 had a slogan

  19. Abdulla Saeed says:

    The Camera is shaking in this video, this was shot live

    • Robert Hastings says:

      I knew they were real. I knew it!

      Does that mean they…. they’re *all* real?

      *~hears the faint rumblings of a train growing ever so louder~*

  20. FireDemonWalker FDW says:

    What everyone else sees: A Regrettable Office Cartoon

    What i see:

    *A Rock*

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