A Severe Fuel Shortage | October 27, 2021

A Severe Fuel Shortage | October 27, 2021

A severe fuel shortage only adds to the chaos and instability in Haiti; today’s show explains its causes. New technological efforts are being made to more efficiently map the ocean floor. And a CNN correspondent in England demonstrates how you can trot out turkeys for a live report — and even make them do a trick!

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16 Responses

  1. Chuck Dickson says:

    Our kids love staying informed with CNN10. They love punny Carl, too. We are a free public charter school in Columbia, SC called Midlands Arts Conservatory or MAC for short, where art and academics are beautifully intertwined!

  2. Kelsey Harris says:

    We watch your show every day here at Greenville Middle Academy in Greenville, SC. We think that the ocean exploration is so cool! We want to find some turkeys to hang out with too!

  3. Sarah Mike says:

    Hi Uncle Carl! We watch every single DAY! We love shouting out the trivia questions and answers! We are a 5th grade class at Horizon Elementary in Kent, Washington! Hope to get a shoutout soon!

  4. Jeremy Sanchez says:

    Mr. Sanchez’s Social Studies Class at Loma Heights, in Las Cruces, NM want to say thank you for our informative 10 video break everyday where we learn about the current events of today. Thanks to everyone that makes CNN10 possible.

  5. The Appel Academy says:

    The Appel Academy in Morro Bay, CA loves CNN 10!

  6. Alex Alarcon says:

    Let’s go Bishop Mora Salesian High school, East LA
    Go Mustangs!

  7. Dakota Hilton says:

    Hey there, This is Mr. Hilton’s World Geography class at Lake Shore Middle School in Mequon-Thiensville Wisconsin. We are big fans and love the puns! My kids would love if you gave us a shout out 😉

  8. John Wolf says:

    Hi Carl. Long time listener. Appreciate what you do for our students. I am John Wolf from Marina High School from Marina, CA. My class and especially the girl bosses would love a shout out. Our school mascot is the Mariners. We listen every Wednesday so our shoutout has to be then or we will miss it. Thank you. Warmest Wishes, Mr Wolf and period 4.

  9. robert ayala says:

    Hi! Love the show. I’m watching from San Francisco. I promised my 5th period students at Galileo High School a pizza party if we get a shout out. And they look hungry. Like, really hungry.

  10. Jessica Frichtel says:

    The students at the School of Engineering, Innovation and Design at Kearny High in sunny San Diego, CA LOVE CNN 10! We watch daily! Thank you Uncle Carl.

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