A Snippet into Billie’s Mind – bury a friend

A Snippet into Billie’s Mind – bury a friend

A Snippet into Billie’s Mind is an audio visual journey into the thoughts of Billie Eilish, exploring the inspiration behind songs from WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? Produced in collaboration with YouTube Music, this series peers into Billie and Finn’s deeply personal process.

Episode One reveals the story behind “bury a friend.”

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57 Responses


    She older than me but born on d same day as me

  2. Marianne says:

    *Shane Dawson wants to know your location*

  3. cryfvckingbaby says:

    Billie gets a weird side of me nobody else could get lmao

  4. Jasmin Jasmin says:

    They have such creative minds wOw i stan?

  5. Adelheid Petrus says:

    billie: _thinks of things that have never reached my mind since i was ever born_
    me: _sitting here doing _*_nothing_*

  6. thebestvids says:

    Those are my two favorite people in the world right there

  7. England Sucks says:

    1:18 *Her Face When She Burped Billie Never Fails To Make Me Lmao* ??

  8. Aw6ken says:

    Billie is one of the most versatile singers I’ve heard ? I’m a rap artist and hope to collab with her one day. Give me a listen, I’ll surprise you.

  9. Kaique Caldeira says:


  10. WAJD 1514 says:

    Before 1m like

  11. moon. xx says:

    Billie this is how much we love you


  12. Eyla lbs says:

    the thumbnail looked like airpods as eyes. just me… ok

  13. divskye scherbatsky says:

    Billie breaking every conspiracy theory ever for 3 minutes

  14. xItsJust CindyThox says:

    Billie is the only monster I want under my bed

  15. Annika Rayner says:

    billie’s eyes in the thumbnail look like airpods

  16. Via Sushi says:

    DUDE They are so creativeee who could even make a drill sound good like tf

  17. Eveline Melonio says:

    Por favor eu quero legendas em Português!
    I’m from Brazil,I love Billie❤

  18. Paula K says:

    Finneas is so underrated and it breaks my heart? he deserves more attention

    • Avocado Pirate says:

      You must’ve missed him. He was sitting right next to her.

    • OffLeatherWings says:

      Avocado Pirate She means more attention in general. Her brother writes majority of the songs but Billie is the big superstar with all the attention.

    • Avocado Pirate says:

      +OffLeatherWings More attention like what? In that interview, he should’ve been closer to the camera? More questions to him? Less emphasis on her? How would you do more attention?

  19. Just4you says:

    Billie Eilish,
    Please can you give us our old MERCH????I WANT THE OLD MERCH!!!
    Is There anyone who WANT the old MERCH? PLEASE LEAVE A LIKE! !

  20. Salah Sama says:

    “Too much love is almost worst than no love at all”

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