A special message from Janet for her fans.

A special message from Janet for her fans.

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20 Responses

  1. Nicholas Felix says:

    She seems so happy… the old Janet is back. <3

  2. jack power says:

    I love this but I hope this is true

  3. Kishi Chad says:

    SHE IS SO REAL!!!! This is the Janet I’ve always wanted to see.

  4. RayShawn Williams says:

    Randy said more than a few pounds. Lmaooo!

  5. JMLRH says:

    randy dragging her in the back dhdhfnjdnf

  6. Starr Draper says:

    Who else can address and settle everything in a 1:30 video??? Nobody but Queen J???✨?

  7. Darian Davis says:

    Janet: “Can you please be quiet Randy..nobody is talkin to you.” lol Can’t wait for 10/7/17 when she is here in San Diego. Ive been working on choreography from the Unbreakable tour which I have posted on my channel. I cant wait to see what choreography I can learn next.

  8. MᴀKᴇɴAʀᴛ ~ MJ 4EᴠR ღ says:

    Yassss, Queen?!!! Yasssss!!! I’m so AMPED about this!! Can’t wait to see you again! ??

  9. Stephon Jackson says:

    I can’t believe she’s 50+ years old. She looks damn good.

  10. João Andrade says:

    Brazil still waiting for you! We love you queen

  11. Beryl White-Bing says:

    4 months to get Janet Jackson fine again ?

  12. Xxbabygirljanet Anything says:

    Janet ain’t aged a bit. She so cute. And her baby omg!

  13. Gin Jackson says:

    Hah Randy.Wow girl you still look great ?? and oh damn what happened?

  14. Marcy Sweet says:

    she sounds like mike ???

  15. sage gallon says:

    Girl, looking like a beautiful new MOM!!!! And Randy, she’s beautiful, leave her alone ?

  16. Eric AZ says:

    Randy almost lost his life! lol It so reminded me of the “Jackson Variety Show” Days! I Cannot wait for this tour. I have loved Janet ever since i understood what love was (like 7 Year old “love”). The Unbreakable Tour would have been my FIRST JANET TOUR EVER! I am ready to be addressed and slayed in the process!! #StateOfTheWorldTour #HYPE

  17. Kiana Mae says:

    Janet: I have put on quite a few…
    Randy: More than a few
    Janet: Can you be quiet Randy… Nobody’s talking to you…. Thank you…

    LOLOL!!!!! Damn Randy why you got to shade Janet like that????

  18. ButterFli Dimples says:

    #shutthefuckuprandy ???

  19. ithl123 says:


    So glad you’re coming back! True to your word!

    The true fans love you! <3

  20. Melissa 7 Moonwalker says:

    I’m happy to see you again my sweet janet so exited to see you in tour , I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

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