A Taste of Labrador at the LCSC Town Hall – May 5, 2017

A Taste of Labrador at the LCSC Town Hall – May 5, 2017


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20 Responses

  1. newstomeCA says:

    In case you missed that. Republican Raul Labrador said “Nobody dies because they don’t have access to health care”

  2. sheltomlee says:

    Are Republicans really this clueless, or are they actually evil people?

  3. Rexcetera says:

    Health care should not be a republican or a democratic issue. All Americans should have health care, no matter what their political beliefs, and no matter what the political beliefs of their representatives in Congress.

  4. lorenzo050008 says:

    Oh my god, when the entire audience moans you know you fucked up. Destroy this mans political career, please. Then he’ll know how its like to not have health care

  5. floatingkid says:

    How fucking insane do you have to be to say something like this?

  6. nsbd90now says:

    Face it, the Republicans have become the party of monsters.

  7. Carla Cross says:

    Okay, well in 2009 45,000 people were dying yearly. Facts: they’re important! http://www.factcheck.org/2009/09/dying-from-lack-of-insurance/

  8. Erica King says:

    Hi, I’m with ABC News. Is this your video? May we have permission to use this on all platforms and partners with credit to you?

  9. DCNW69 says:

    Republicans are enemies of the state.

  10. Walter Green says:

    Labrador is a Republicunt.

  11. Jammin John says:

    Republicans hate the sick, the poor, the single parent, but love the rich.

  12. dsimpki says:

    “GOP” = Greed Over People.

  13. Jacob Smits says:

    White Red State America: Stop electing morons because you’re mad a black guy had more privilege than you.

  14. William Baldwin says:

    What do Republicans think healthcare is?

  15. HeyIt'sBaert says:

    The one labrador that is NOT man’s best friend.

  16. Alex G says:

    Yes they fucking do! I’ve known people who have died without access to healthcare!

  17. Joseph Castillo says:

    I wan to see more of what happened which part is this from?

  18. Publius Cornelius Scipio says:

    Trump 2020!

  19. Your Majesty says:

    that man is dumb, yet he got to that position in society

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