A Terrifying Weapon in WWI: Metal Darts Dropped From Planes

A Terrifying Weapon in WWI: Metal Darts Dropped From Planes

Aerial darts got a fair amount of use before the widespread adoption of bombs.

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  1. Dumbshit Mule says:

    As someone who works in metal fabrication this is terrifying. I’ve accidentally shot parts across the shop with the wheel grinder and they could easily smash skulls, shatter teeth, impale, etc. I couldn’t imagine these falling from the sky with an aerodynamic design. 💀

  2. TheLonelyBrit says:

    Really an RFG is just one of these but upscaled a lot.

    Humans are pretty good at throwing rocks.

    • Caleb Morris says:

      Does RFG stand for Rod From God? I remember the idea of those tungsten rods in low orbit which would do a lot of damage if shot down to Earth, I just can’t remember if that is their exact name.

  3. calixindox28 says:

    Battlefield 1 had these and fuuuuck man i took shrooms once and just imagined every death that happened to me mirroring a real death, no matter how hard i tried to stay alive while also fighting and surviving i just kept dying the most brutal deaths. Planes dropping HOT darts on group’s of us. MG teams camping a huge open field mowing 15 men down in seconds, tanks busting through thick sand storm and crushing dozens in the chaos of artillery landing a couple feet away throwing sand in your face while you watch silhouettes of dozens of men fighting in the storm hand to hand or trying to pop off shots w a pistol only to get hacked by some club w nails in it.

    I cried alot in that experience and thank those who served and gave their lives for hopefully a better future. Drugs are wild yo.

    • Nicky Blue says:


      I farted on my friend once while we were on shrooms. He actually went up my but following the fart and came out covered in butt chocolate. He let me taste the butt chocolate after he returned from azz land and it tasted… i shit you not…. LIKE DOODOO!!!! I was like man where did you get that chocolate star fish?! And my friend was like what chocolate starfish?! AND I LOOKED AT HIS CHOCOLATE STARFISH AND SAID LEMME GET A LICK!!!! It was crazy. Whenever my friend sees ice cream now he licks his lips and looks at my chocolate starfish and says wanna do some shrooms?!

    • DOUBLXHELIX says:

      Bro I could barely play golf with your friends on shrooms I can’t imagine bf1

    • Handsome Rob says:

      You should watch They Shall Not Grow Old, it’s fucking tragic

  4. way2sh0rt07grad says:

    It’s almost the same idea as archers during the medieval times. You just have the luxury of more range and less manpower.

  5. R. MuTT I9I7 says:

    I’ve always thought it would be interesting to bomb an enemy with thousands of hot lava lamps. This seems more effective.

  6. Oinam Lakpa says:

    Everyone’s talking about 2nd WW but 1st WW weapons are quite inventive and interesting. 👍

  7. WC_2 Electric_Boogaloo says:

    The effectiveness of a weapon isnt measured merely in the number of bodies it drops.

  8. J.R Bry. says:

    A fact that I didn’t know.. but I thought of about a strafing run with 3 ft., finned rods, over main supply corridors. While we were in Vietnam.

  9. Federico Olivares says:

    They banned lawn darts for a reason. These are heavier, deadlier lawn darts dispersed TO KILL and destroy, not thrown for fun

  10. The Rat With a knife says:

    Germans: copy darts from French
    Allies for the next 100 years: let’s copy the germans

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