A total solar eclipse sweeping across the US- BBC News

A total solar eclipse sweeping across the US- BBC News

A total solar eclipse will sweep across the US, from Oregon to South Carolina
It’s the first such eclipse to go from the west to east coasts of the US in 100 years
Experts warn never to look directly at the Sun with the naked eye
Several cities are near or on the path of totality, including St Louis, Nashville and Charleston
The eclipse makes landfall in Oregon at 17:16 GMT and leaves the US in South Carolina 18:48 GMT

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20 Responses

  1. Andrew Olsen says:

    Coincidence my ass

  2. Dirk Diggler says:

    What’s the big deal.

  3. Bret H says:

    Will the BBC be blaming this on the president of the United States yes or no?

  4. Vasiliosaurus says:

    Sun is the only thing which went black but always come back

  5. Tay J. Snyd says:

    Nothing happened in California. Total bullshit

  6. Networ X says:

    Do all the “fake moon landing” shit for brains “think” this is a “fake eclipse” ?

  7. Helena de Boer says:

    no coincidence, nothing in the cosmos is a coincidence..

  8. Olivier Poulin says:

    pressure on the moon lolll the moon couldnt give a fuck about giving a show the universe is a process unfolding lol

  9. Crysus Bu says:


  10. lets play says:

    Im In San Antoiono Texas Just waiting

  11. Jae Batla says:


  12. 91827334620 says:

    If the Aztec saw this, they would think the Sun God is dying and will sacrifice extra people to feed him

  13. lee harrison says:

    rubbish in the begining of time all ancient culture’s talk of the time before the moon..they teach us shit at schools..the bullshit of our evolution..the moon is a space ship observing us…the only moon out of 168 moons in our solar system that dont spin…wake up

  14. RAAAW berry says:

    The moon is shit. Am I going to get arrested for a hate crime now?

  15. Albert Gallagher says:

    The eclipse has made it look like late afternoon in Pennsylvania. Oh wait,it is late afternoon.

  16. Bob Sherzad says:

    This is a SIGN that America will die soon.

  17. Eivind Nordengen says:

    0:20: “Here you have the sun, 400 times the size of the moon”? That’s kind of an understatement.

  18. avyn jordan says:

    Flat Earthers TRIGGERD.

  19. indigo says:

    Why is everybody getting religious about this?

  20. ReconMarine 0321 says:

    Total coincidence….NOT!!!
    Wake up people…there is CREATOR!

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