A Totally Real, 100% Valid Theory | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

A Totally Real, 100% Valid Theory | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Join us for the very special first installment of our all-new segment, “People Are Saying.” You’ll never believe what they’re saying.

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19 Responses

  1. Luka Ivezić says:

    This is gold!

  2. Everyday Struggles says:

    “The media is rigged!”….No Donald..They’re just recording what you say &
    playing it back.

  3. Flavian says:

    Make Amerika Reed Again

  4. beastalchemist says:

    That actually seems like a credible theory.

  5. rlde says:

    Lol lol I didn’t understand that sign at CNN back round before, now I do

  6. RassilonTDavros says:

    I… I actually buy this. I’m convinced.

  7. TheAudiotinker says:

    This is going to get under his skin in a bad way. Hilarious.

  8. Phlebas says:

    This seems like the sort of story that could provoke Trump into a week-long
    Twitter meltdown. That would be fun to watch.

  9. moderatesunited says:

    Drumpf can’t read some people are saying.

  10. NotAffiliated says:

    I can read, I’m the best reader, big league. When I become President, let
    me tell you, when I become President I will read so much your head will
    spin. You will be tired of seeing me read. I’ll read the best books, and we
    have wonderful books in America. The best books. I pledge that as President
    I will read all the books. Tremendous.

  11. Espen Kulseth says:

    This isn’t a proper conspiracy theory. It has too much background research
    and too many factual and documented observations attached to it. This is
    veering into the territory of actually credible fact.

  12. Francky48 says:

    Ok so the perfect come back for Hillary should be: “I will release all my
    e-mails as long as trump reads them to the public”. We know he can’t read
    so he’ll make up something like, “I read her emails and didn’t find nothing
    wrong”. Lol

  13. Chris Smith says:

    Wow, it seriously sounds like he does not read at an adult level. That
    testimony from the SNL cast member was pretty off the cuff and damning.

  14. Toad Jiang says:

    So?? Can’t read is not a disadvantage, it’s a selling point, it’s one of
    the main reasons he’s so popular among rednecks.

  15. Cristian Martinez says:

    I’m seriously considering this to be true

  16. Andrea Rupe says:

    my jaw dropped

  17. Louise Clarke says:

    “I know reading, I know the best reading…my friends tell me ‘Donald you
    read’…wall….emails…hand size…”

  18. Nikola Tasev says:

    This explains everything. He did not read the Constitution.

  19. Nial Pearce says:

    Love Samantha Bee, couldn’t get through this depressing election without a
    weekly dose of Full Frontal.
    You know she actually has a point… Maybe The Drumpf really cant read! I
    hope this gets pushed around Twitter and starts another Trump Tweet war…

    Vote Clinton 2016!