A Tribute to Billy Graham

A Tribute to Billy Graham

On February 21, 2018, God called Billy Graham home at age 99. Mr. Graham once said, “When we reach the end of our earthly journey, we will have just begun.” Now, he is in the presence of the Lord. Watch and share this tribute to his life and legacy. You can also follow updates at BillyGrahamMemorial.org. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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39 Responses

  1. Rithin Kumar says:

    We Miss You Dr.Graham.. You changed Many Lives. Thank you ??

  2. Sylvia Rivera says:

    Billy Graham gone, but will never be forgotten.
    Rest in peace Billy Graham, with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..

  3. Carmen Gutierrez says:

    The Legacy will always continue; a Big Hug to you Billy Graham Family! Jesus loves us!!

  4. Jahvis Louis says:

    its painful but i’m happy u rest with our father Today

    RIP God’sambassador

    • Jahvis Louis says:

      Gregory i’ll be stupid to hear a moron like u talk down a man like Dr Billy Graham n i short up.
      i pray God rewards u with the crown deserved by those who speak ill of his chosen servants.

    • Kouame Regina says:

      12. But in the eyes of God, a Catholic is not a Christian, he is a Catholic. You see? A Protestant is not a Christian, an Evangelical is not a Christian, a Branhamist is not a Christian. They are not. It is the living prophet of your generation who says so. You are free to accept or reject it, but that is what it is. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. The Pharisees were not obliged to believe in Jesus, but they were the devil incarnate. The Sadducees were the devil incarnate; The Herodians, Essenes, all were servants of the devil and it is the same today. Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals and Branhamists, they are all servants of the devil. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

  5. cristianregis Regis says:

    Billy was an inspirational man, hoping to meet him at heaven 🙂 Thanks God for his life !

  6. Leona Galal says:

    Sad and happy at the same time. This brought tears to my eyes.

  7. 80sGirl Asante says:

    There’s a big party in Heaven right now, with your beautiful wide Ruth by your side. RIP Beloved son of the Lord. Your legacy will live forever. Amen

  8. Desiree Sanchez says:

    I know when Mr. Graham stood before God this morning all God told him was Well Done My Good and Faithful Servant. R.I.P Mr. Graham.

  9. Reality Check says:

    Farewell, For A Time, Mentor…

  10. B says:

    In watching this wonderful video, the main thought that struck me was…this was truly a man that was sent and anointed by God to spread the gospel because He(God) loves us so much and wants a real relationship with us. Billy Graham was obedient and faithful, what an amazing life lived for God’s glory!!!!! Billy Graham is now in heaven with the One who loves him and all of us more than we can possibly comprehend. He is with is beloved wife. His hard days are over and he is in unimaginable bliss!!! I am so moved by this and can only say…PRAISE GOD!!! PRAISE GOD!!! PRAISE the LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

  11. පීටර් වික්ටර් says:

    “My home is in Heaven. I’m just traveling through this world.”

    — Billy Graham

  12. Ab Ba says:

    Our modern day “saint Paul” has gone to that Shining City in Heaven, where Christ welcomed him, and each of us as we accept Christ.
    If God had not sent Reverend Graham to this world, it would not be as happy or as bright. Millions would not have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. “Welcome Jesus into your heart and you shall be saved”, the words of Billy Graham echo in my ears even now.
    Thank you Graham family for your efforts to continue to bring the message of Salvation to the world !
    Jesus is coming soon. Are we ready ?

  13. SELAHPAUSE says:

    I do not care what people say bad about Billy Graham he was truly a man after God’s Own Heart

  14. ArabianKnight7771 says:

    Enjoy Heaven

  15. Josh Drew says:

    Wow, I’m speechless, thankyou JESUS for this man.

  16. Piano tutorial says:

    *“Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.”*
    *-Billy Graham*

  17. Sarah S says:

    “Christ belongs to ALL people, He belongs to the WHOLE WORLD!” Now that is a message we need today. Thank you for your work, Dr. Graham.

    • GanjaDroid says:

      Sarah S preach it! Amen

    • gcam1611 says:

      rubbish, christ only accepts TRUE believers.and the rest go to hell. youve been lstening to this false prophet for too long. true believers belong to christ not the other way round,but again youve been decieved. and what work? all the lies and heresies? wake up sarah

  18. Our Only Hope says:

    Billy Graham has left the earth to go home to Lord Jesus. He had humility and integrity which are rare these days. It is now up to those who remain to share the love of God to a lost dark world. Jesus loves you, died for your sins and rose from the dead so you can forever be with God. Have you received Him as your personal Lord and Savior?

  19. CommonCents says:

    Billy Graham actually bailed MLK out of jail. What a noble man.

  20. Andy Saenz says:

    I would say that Billy Graham was a more influential figure than the Pope! Nobody preached about Jesus Christ as passionately as Billy did!

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