A Tribute to Prince from the cast of The Color Purple | THE COLOR PURPLE on Broadway

A Tribute to Prince from the cast of The Color Purple | THE COLOR PURPLE on Broadway

Oscar®, Golden Globe® and Grammy® winner Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls) has dazzled the world with her matchless talent. This fall, she makes her long-awaited Broadway debut as the sultry Shug Avery in the joyous and triumphant musical THE COLOR PURPLE.

This unforgettable and intensely moving new production mesmerized audiences when it premiered at London’s acclaimed Menier Chocolate Factory, where critics hailed it as “a revelation” (Mark Shenton, The Stage). Now, this American classic comes to Broadway with a powerhouse cast including celebrated London star Cynthia Erivo, who will recreate her electrifying performance as Celie, along with “Orange is the New Black” star Danielle Brooks.

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20 Responses

  1. adam tanner says:

    amazing peformance.. but I’m super surprised that JHud had to keep looking
    at her cards for the lyrics.. c’mon.. it’s PURPLE RAIN girl! =)

  2. Vick capell says:

    Amazing! RIP Prince! A Legend! an Icon!
    LET his music Live!

  3. Michelle Jackson says:

    Thank you for the outstanding tribute to the phenomenon known as Prince!!

  4. Jason Day says:

    Blown away. Wonderful.

  5. Tah Kijkornphan says:


  6. Adam Tesch says:


  7. Just Sheilz says:

    So powerful.

  8. Chet Powell says:

    When Don McLean sang about “the day the music died” in American Pie, he was
    referring to the plane crash on February 3, 1959 that took the lives of
    Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and “The Big Bopper” (J.P. Richardson), three
    of the most popular musicians of that era. That certainly was a terrible
    day for music and thanks to McLean, I’ll always think of those three as
    “the day the music died” because of McLean.

    But, consider this … we’re only four months into 2016 and we’ve already
    lost so many amazing musicians in every genre of music; Merle Haggard,
    David Bowie, Sonny James, Maurice White, Keith Emerson, Phife Dawg, Denise
    Matthews, Paul Kantner, Glenn Frey and now… ‪#‎Prince‬.

    With three-quarters of the year left to go, it will be a miracle if we
    don’t lose more. You’re probably thinking that I’m going to say something
    like… if February 3, 1959 was the DAY the music died, then 2016 was the
    YEAR the music died, but as much as I love America Pie, I never agreed with
    that line. It would be like saying art died with the deaths of Basquiat,
    Séraphine Louis, Monet or Picasso.

    Music is one of the purest expressions of art. We can always enjoy hearing
    it again in its original form by the original artist, but the biggest and
    most wonderful difference is that, unlike a painting, we can also enjoy
    musical interpretations of a great work by other performers. This is a
    perfect example. THIS … is why great music never dies.

  9. Keisha Davenport-Ramirez says:

    Cynthia Erivo is on rewind in this clip and brings me to tears every time.

  10. Tangie B says:

    Oh wow so powerful…RIP #prince

  11. Thom Kramer says:

    One word: BEAUTIFUL.

  12. Antonio Alvarez says:

    Good God……just awesome.

  13. Grace Style says:


  14. psychickitty1 says:


  15. dee harris says:

    lady in yellow should have done the whole song … amazingggg

  16. Epileptic Spudmonkey says:

    AI chick such a fan she had to read the lyrics to his most famous song.
    squealing wreck

  17. Valentina Ziino Colanino says:

    man, i’m crying

  18. Rockerchic 88 says:

    Absolutely amazing!!! Thank you to them all for a tribute to one of my fav
    musical artists since childhood <3

  19. isaac arturo joel vasquez villanueva says:

    woah so powerfull feelin ???????

  20. Emzii Royal says: