A Tribute to Technoblade

A Tribute to Technoblade

A Tribute to Technoblade after his death, thank you for everything

Techno’s last video… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPMluEVUqS0

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  1. DreamSMP Official says:

    when I heard about it, it made me tear up. We take so much for granted and sometimes we have to stop and appreciate the things we have. Rest in piece Techno ❤❤

  2. Mazza says:

    Such a wonderful tribute🕊🤲🏻❤️

    • Marco Naples says:

      I have to admit I never watched technoblade, still rip technoblade for inspiring so many people. Oh and F*** cancer.

    • YourLocalRocks says:


    • v1nce buts he's pakistani says:

      @Dont Check My About Page Link reported ur acc

    • Just A Smol Memer says:

      Rip technoblade
      I have made an edit on his cancer and his death I m so sad today if you want you can checkout the edit
      I hope he rest in peace I wish he will be happy in heaven
      Rip techno today is the worst day for me♥️😭

    • EdvinDoesSmth says:

      @Dont Check My About Page Link Bro shut up Technoblade has inspired so many people and is truly a legend please don’t just go into the comments and type ”your name” OKAY?!

  3. lominia says:

    „Technoblade Never dies!!“ because he lives in our hearts for ever, he is the best, most kind and coolest person to ever exist. We all are thankful that we got to experience his great and heartwarming videos. Rest in peace Technoblade, fly high

  4. Tursla says:

    “Technoblade never dies, in our hearts” 🕊️❤️
    Also f–k cancer

  5. Caroline Winn says:

    I have two things to say
    I’ll start with the first one: Frick cancer
    The second one:
    Best wishes to the family. Losing a family member is hard. I don’t know how it feels, and I don’t want to, but when I imagine one of my siblings not being there, I want to cry. Also, I’m sure millions of fans, including myself, will miss techno a lot
    Technoblade never dies

  6. Cratical Games says:

    Never watched a Techno video but had seen him appear in MrBeast and Dream a lot. Compared to the others he just seemed like a genuine amazing human being who just wanted to help people through tough times. I am shocked and upset (I starting tearing up) to hear of his passing and I hope that he has now passed beyond suffering so he can carry on slaying minecrafters and winning competitions in a better place. RIP techno everyone is with you <3

  7. MiniKitty27 says:

    his outlook on everything and the whole “technoblade never dies” thing really convinced me that he would make it, like i didn’t have a single doubt that he would and yet here we are. i mean i can’t remember if he mentioned it was stage 4 cancer in the previous videos he talked about having cancer but i can’t bring myself to rewatch just to see, i don’t think he did and i should’ve started preparing myself for the worst either way but still. this is such a major loss in the community and my heart really goes out to his friends and family. i’m so glad he was able to meet some of them IRL before he passed despite Covid existing. Rest In Peace king, you’ll be sorely missed <3

  8. George Campbell says:

    You know the saying “Techno never dies?” It’s still true. He’ll always live inside each and every one of us. This video being #1 in trending shows just how many people are huge fans of your work and while the original techno is gone, small portions of you are left in our hearts. Rest in peace, Technoblade.

  9. SuperStarSpace says:

    I’m really gonna miss him. He was really a diamond among the rough, there was no one else like him, and now he’s gone before we could even say goodbye… The way I see it… As hard as this is gonna be, knowing Techno, if he were still here, he’d laugh it off and probably throw in some selfless plug to buy merch or something 😅 … But we will always remember the Blade in our hearts and minds. May you rest in piece Technoblade, wherever you may be up there.. I hope you can face God

  10. DraconDragonz says:

    I’ve been shocked for more than 2 hours now, I can’t process this, he spared us all the fear by talking about his pain in the lightest upbeat way possible, he is one of the youtubers that genuinely and truly care for their fans. I’ve been a techno fan for a long time, and I just can’t process this, he never deserved anything like this, Rest In Peace, King.

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