A two-year-old’s solution to the trolley problem

A two-year-old’s solution to the trolley problem

I’m a psychology professor who teaches a class on moral psychology. I decided to record my two-year-old son’s response to a commonly-discussed ethical dilemma so that I could share it with my class.

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20 Responses

  1. NANCAY WANG says:


  2. Thick Skull Movies says:

    When feminists ask for gender equality

  3. SuperGreenSmartie says:

    No survivors, no witnesses. Smart kid XD

  4. willie britton says:

    some people just wanna watch the world burn.

  5. Narek Grigoryan says:

    Laugh it up laugh it up it won’t be so funny when you’ll be one of those
    guys on the train tracks in 20 years

  6. SW. Mike says:

    Thank goodness this did not happen in real life.

  7. Salt says:

    the prophecy is true

  8. awsomewild says:

    The Dark side is strong with this one

  9. Steven Zephycrs (Shichun) says:

    This makes perfect sense: human, by nature, is evil.

  10. SxullPunch says:

    That kids my hero.

  11. Luan says:

    savage lol

  12. Samuel John says:

    FUCK MAN, what are you teaching your son?!?!?

  13. Tyler Orr says:

    Nicolas knows what’s up.

  14. Stephen Williams (Stephanime) says:

    I thought he was moving the toy on the other side to make a clear path for
    the train… I guess not.

  15. Infinit_Phoenix says:

    This kids ready for the world, I approve.

  16. Alien Life is Real says:

    ma nigga real since day 1

  17. Peter Steman says:

    He must be a Christian as that’s God’s solution to every dilemma.

  18. TDPNeji says:

    I used to have Thomas trains and track pieces like those when I was a kid.
    The nostalgia! :O

  19. Nicholas Vu says:

    Hitler 2.0 is born. And Asian for some reason? Guess the Aryan race will
    now have black hair and small eyes

  20. Nathan Craig says:

    Teaching the kid of population control. So young.