A Very Murray Christmas – Coming This Christmas – Only on Netflix [HD]

A Very Murray Christmas – Coming This Christmas – Only on Netflix [HD]

This winter, Bill Murray brings an extra-special dose of holiday cheer to Netflix with the premiere of an all-star musically-driven holiday special, A Very Murray Christmas. Set inside New York City’s iconic Carlyle hotel, A Very Murray Christmas opens with Murray preparing to host a live, international holiday broadcast. After a blizzard shuts down the production, he makes the best of the situation by singing and celebrating with friends, hotel employees and anyone else who drops by.

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20 Responses

  1. Patrick Ziegler says:

    Yes please.

  2. Jackson DeStefano says:


  3. Don't call me stupid says:

    Nice, I’d watch it

  4. iblahfurther5 says:

    They should do this every year.

  5. kidohx says:

    What a cast!

  6. NeoBrian says:

    Bill Murray, you’re my hero.

  7. sophia says:


  8. Gamer Rebelde says:

    tem que ter nova temporada de the Walking dead

  9. Laura Flores says:


  10. Emanuel Mayer says:

    Props man: I can’t get the antlers glued to this little guy. We tried Crazy
    Glue, but it don’t work.
    Frank Cross: Did you try staples?

  11. Damian N. says:

    Can. Not. Wait.

  12. Caleb Howard says:

    Miley Cyrus :-(

  13. Katelyn Anne says:

    It had better be on Australian Netflix, we don’t even have Gilmore Girls
    yet guys, come on!

  14. SheistyProductions says:

    I just crapped my pants from excitement.

  15. Netflix And Chill says:


  16. Kenia Cabrera says:

    Jesus Christ loves you repent of your sins and seek Him.

  17. C Mervyn Graham (DaminousPurity) says:

    Its gonn abe a very murray Christmas this year. Netflix just scooped again

  18. LiamLiam Hospidales says:

    Leaf a like or the reptilians might get you. Hisssssssssss

  19. Lucija Milic says:

    Funny title Murray Christmas. As a catholic, I love Christmas more than any
    Christian holiday, but this is way too early. It’s not even november.

  20. Arsène Beaumont says:

    Andy Murray Christmas