Christmas Eve vlog-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H24q_7lrpHo




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20 Responses

  1. WashTV says:

    You must share a link to that play table!! So cute! Merry Christmas!

  2. Amanda Grace says:

    Better get used to the glitter dad! You have four girls. Lol

  3. lisa smith says:

    Merry Christmas Gardner family. The girl’s are adorable. My mother use to
    buy my children every large item of Step 2 and Little Tykes that she could
    find. She would tell me that if I did not have enough room in my house, I
    should move my furniture into the yard. I can’t wait to see their birthday
    party. You bring a smile to my face each day. Be blessed.

  4. Amanda Grace says:

    It’s crazy they will be one in a couple of days!

  5. Horse Lover says:

    Love there reaction to the presents! And I think Scarlet has the present
    opening figured out!

  6. Catherine Clodius says:

    Thank you for sharing your Christmas vlog and all best wishes to you and
    your precious daughters. Catherine Clodius Madison Wisconsin

  7. Kellianna Webb says:

    Very sweet! Love all the girls and am a huge fan! God bless! Enjoy! :)

  8. Laura VanZomeren says:

    And now to get ready for the Bday party!!!

  9. Jessica Cat says:

    Soo jealous of your white Christmas!! It was 70 here in Nj!!! Hope you had
    a great first Christmas! ??❤️

  10. mollycottontail says:

    Love Bentley!

  11. kittys AtThe says:

    Merry Christmas! ❄️?

  12. Carol Earle says:

    They are beautiful Babies!

  13. Victoria Buchanan says:

    Oh the little people sets…we had a village lol.

  14. Love Our Crazy Life says:

    Oh how fun! We only have twins (9 months) and a singleton (5 years old) and
    our place looked like Toys R Us exploded in it. I can only imagine how it
    will be for you as the girls get older.

  15. Kris Cook says:

    It just started snowing here! Thank you guys so much for inviting us into
    your lives. I loved watching the girls celebrate Christmas. Y’all did good!

  16. Marian Calkins says:

    Aw, I miss Little People toys!!! What great gifts your family has, in each
    other!! I’m in upstate NY and we had no snow for Christmas – but I’m glad
    you did!! :)

  17. Marcos Imperial says:

    Is this about Kevin Nash’s Christmas?

  18. Gabe H. says:

    Trending? Wtf how is this trending!?!? YouTube stop.

  19. Gabriel R says:

    Merry Christmas! ?

  20. The Messy Playroom says:

    That sure was a lot of snow, we don’t get any here in CA. There reactions
    to the presents are so cute!