A video we never expected to have to make…

A video we never expected to have to make…

Jake’s family is filled with so many fears for the future knowing that now they have to walk through life without a husband, without a dad. I would love it if money was not one of the things they were worried about, and I think the Demolitia can make that possible. I love you guys, thank you for supporting my friends through this terrible time.


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48 Responses

  1. YeetMaster42069 says:

    Aww, I’m so sorry for your loss, I know how it feels to lose someone close to you

  2. Jon Regula says:

    The Demolita needs to hit that go fund me like a MOAB… ? RIP Jake..

  3. Karolina M says:

    I’d definitely buy a Jake shirt if the proceeds went to his family!

  4. Joy Walsh says:

    You should get Jake added to the wall in the bunker mural with you, he is such a huge part of Bunkerbranding. Rip Jake, hugs to all x

  5. Overland Autism Adventures says:

    Matt you have the best audience on YouTube $114,000. Raised.

  6. Melinda Luscomb says:

    Well, it is now at $114k. I think the demolitia is knocking it out!

  7. David Probus says:

    Man, this absolutely breaks my heart. Praying for all of you.

  8. John Cena says:

    I’m Soo sorry for you ???? God bless you ?❤️? rip Jake

  9. SAFEMISSION 185 says:

    ??? jake will be miss …prayers for the family of jake

    rip jake
    demolitia will miss you..

  10. John Riley says:

    Make a Jake shirt and donate the profits to his family.

  11. Joseph Sodder says:

    Really sorry to hear of the loss of Jake, our sincere condolences. Thoughts and prayers to Jake’s family and friends. Thanks for the laughs. RIP

  12. AdamKing60 says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss of a key player in your business, but more importantly, the loss of a quality friend.

  13. Brody O'DonohoeBrodyO says:

    Rip Jake we will all miss you prayer goes out to the family it is a hard time for all of us and most definitely you guys good luck with everything ?

    • YourChampagnePapi says:

      Tom from England Not as pathetic as England in both world wars

    • The Reds Ghost says:

      I dont get it, this is a sad video and Tom from England you just come hating for no reason

    • King Yarry says:

      Brody O’DonohoeBrodyO can u plz do me a favor and drop a sub on my channel, it will mean a lot and I would really appreciate it.

  14. I Had A Bad Day says:

    God bless you all during this very difficult time. God Speed to Jake.

  15. Anthony Diaz says:

    First. My deepest condolences to you and Jake’s family for your lost.
    Second. Love your channel and what you do and stand for.
    Third. What sort of lower sub human trash would vote this down!!

  16. Mirror Neurons says:

    Such a beautiful family. I am deeply sorry for Jake and his family.
    RIP brother.

  17. Rae Enwonwu says:

    I’m so sorry for your pain Dr Matt and Mrs Dr Matt. Much Love to you both and Jake’s family.

  18. Mitchell Talley says:

    God bless thinking of you and your family and Jake’s family.

  19. Karsten H says:

    An anonymous person just donated 5000 dollars

    Good job whoever did that

  20. ItsMitsuki says:

    17:33 I laughed so hard when jake got caught playing PUBG while at work ?

    R.I.P jake, just know that he is in a better place and living peacefully.

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