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Hi ms mommassss! WELL WASNT THISSSS SOME SHHH.. lol jk hope you guys loved this video!!








See you guys in my next bideooo!

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13 Responses

  1. Gardenia Pardo says:

    Being emotionally healthy is the best gift for not only yourself but for your daughter too!!! Enjoyed every minute!!♥️
    Muñeca hermosa! Holding her purse is everything!!

  2. Cassandra Cruz says:

    You should try journaling for baby that she can read later on, thank you for being so open with us💕 btw the foundation looks bomb on you!

  3. Jeffrey Garcia-Martinez says:

    Although people may criticize you for having what ever kind of relationship with Elijah, I commend you and understand why you’re trying to have a good relationship with him. My dad was toxic to my mom my whole life in various ways and like you she put so many differences aside in order for us to have a “normal family” and now that I’m grown up I could not thank her enough. I appreciate her sacrifices and believe me someday your baby will thank you too. God bless your family. Every relationship should compromise. That’s what it is. A commitment to sticking together through thick and thin.

  4. Evelim Molina says:

    I got teary eye when Ehlanis dad showed up it’s so hard co parenting and I see your struggle I’m glad you both are getting along for your baby. 🙏

    • Isabel says:

      It takes mature and happy people to Co parent it’s not hard when your over that person and you moved on 💯 I’m glad she’s being the bigger person for her baby some mothers are bitter and they take out problems on the children which is sad 🙏🏼

  5. Cristina Rivera says:

    THANK YOU!! Thank you for allowing us to see a glimpse of your life- the struggles, the blessings, the hustle, & bby ehlani <3 We LOVE to see it! Props to you cause you’re doing the damn thanggg! We’re here to support you through it all. 🗣️ ROLLL THE ADS YOUTUBE 🗣️ cause if there’s someone I’m gonna watch them for it’s for you! ALWAYS YOU’RE THAT BITCH 💕💕💕

    • Elsy Guevara says:

      I LOVEEEE YOU😭🫶🏼🤎🤎🤎 thank you so much for even being here and watching this journey 🥹🫶🏼🤎

  6. Jay _99 says:

    I felt elsy when she was talking about how loved ehlani is , I just had my baby girl 3 months ago & my baby girl is so loved as well , as someone who grew up getting bullied by my own family for so long & having so much trauma ,I’m so glad & grateful that my baby girl doesn’t have that type of toxicity in her life. She’s super loved & I love that for her. truly a blessing ✨

  7. Elizabeth Rivera says:

    More videos like this !!!!! Your baby girls face when y’all sang HBD to her daddy was so cute u
    Can see how happy she was doing it .. I think that was so sw of u to do that despite all your been thru w him ! You’re so sweet 😘💨❤️

  8. Emilia Garcia says:

    Im soo happy you & Elijah are doing good co parenting for the sake of baby E ❤️🙏🏼 it’s not easy it takes a lot of maturity!!

  9. Angela Sanchez says:

    Single mom life is hard. My son is 6 and we left his dad age 3. It’s been hard. Seeing this from another single hard working mom just motivates. Thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to see more ♥️

  10. Emily Calle says:

    Elsy! I started getting facials and I was recommended the skin line called skin script. I use their toner, cleanser & moisturizer!!! It changed my skin soooo much !!!

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