A Women’s Guide To Changing A Tire

A Women’s Guide To Changing A Tire

Ever have a flat tire and there were no men around to help you?

When I was driving from Dallas my tire exploded around 2 am and hour outside of Houston. Luckily two strange men helped me. If those men we’re there I don’t know what would’ve happened! So with the help of my friend Brittany we learned how to change it ourselves and thought other women should know too!

Special thanks to Christian Rose and Bryce Saucier (youtube.com/brycesaucier) !

Music from http://www.bensound.com/

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Brittany (In front of the camera): @sadhandj0b
Rachael (Behind the camera): @writdarling

Also she’s 20 sooo????

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20 Responses

  1. Crap Chops says:

    is she a femanazi?

  2. Apache says:

    This was hilarious

  3. Mike West says:

    Corban8 sent me here XD

  4. Si Hopebgood says:

    Great vid! 🙂 Don’t ask me to change a tyre. I’m gay and obviously need
    some oily bloke from one of those car pimp progs.

  5. PukesRainbows says:

    how to enjoy your life
    step 1:dont read the comments
    step 2:dont read the comments
    step3 :dont read the comments
    step 4: kill yourself and save yourself the pain

  6. gorerothed panzer says:

    i like this grill

  7. Drew Gill says:

    She didnt have a flat tire just wanted to play with the nuts and the big

  8. Hannad “The Limit” Osman says:

    wtf is this

  9. Arney “PenisPuffer” Penscowisksy says:

    Bitches aint shit but ho’s & tricks
    Lick on the nuts & suck the dick
    (Ima fuck that lil skeezer in the video btw)

  10. Elian Mejia says:

    She looks like a Fucking 12 year old cringe period.

  11. Brian Graves says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t make a joke about not owning the luxury car you’re

  12. Nur La grande says:

    Fucking hilarious??

  13. Fernando Wong says:

    You’re not a feminist, are you?

  14. Nuno Sá says:

    hehe funny video, i actually learned myself 😛 Portuguese family name also

  15. Abram Porras says:

    who is this annoying bitch why is this trending

  16. Mahmod Mokhtar says:

    you are beautiful…. once my tire outer wall ripped off and only the side
    wall remained while i was going 75mph and i did not have a spare i had to
    tow my car back home it was funny because the outer wall rolled in front of
    me like see ya loser XD

  17. CheeseBon says:

    bahhh this video might as well be cannibalism

  18. Austin “HoyProductions100” Schreiner says:


  19. *Enter Name Here* says:

    YES! I love this girl, totally going to subscribe!

  20. M Mont says:

    The best part is the subtle “all day” joke. starts changing her tire early
    in the morning and finished at night.