A$AP Rocky Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (07/20/2016)

A$AP Rocky Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (07/20/2016)

A$AP Rocky Clears Up Anti Black Lives Matter Comments

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20 Responses

  1. Aaol   says:

    “i think interracial dating is dope”


  2. John T says:

    Sometimes color don’t mean a thing, looking at the DNA the heart, that
    what’s real

  3. Kharrianna M says:

    But why is damn near his whole interview on this topic? I don’t see them
    grilling any other rappers on this topic.

  4. KushLoveEntertainmentBitches says:

    illuminati is gonna kill rocky for spreading a positive message

  5. Bobby Rogers says:

    The lesson here is clear. Black people, drop some acid and open your mind
    to the ignorance that is BLM

  6. Pedro Flores says:

    Damn all these dumbasses don’t even understand what the help he’s trying to
    say. He never said he didn’t care, he’s just not a person to have any sort
    of voice in the problems that go on in the country, he’s a rapper he makes
    music he’s not a politician, he gave his opinion about the situation, but
    y’all act like he needs to start a fucking revolution to prove he cares

  7. Lm Man says:

    Is envy even black?

  8. ItsSondi says:

    Too long didnt understand what the hell he was saying;

    “i care about black lives matter, but dont ask me for my opinion because im
    pretty jiggy young fashion killa i fuck endless bitches”

  9. shagreezz3 says:

    4 min in this interview is stupid and boring im out

  10. Wolf Man Lyken says:

    All he’s saying is don’t question him on politics, as that is not his
    platform. Reminds me of that Chapelle show joke.
    *Reporter: We got Ja’ Rule on the phone, Lets hear Ja’s thoughts on this
    *Dave: Who Gives A Fuck What Ja’ Rule Thinks At A Time Like This!*
    *I want some answers that Ja Rule may not have right now!* lmao

  11. Oldiesman/ preacher says:

    Coon ass house nigga he ain’t gon be man enough to say shit about Wats goin
    on about us Becuz he to busy kissin da slave masters ass , FUCK THE WHITE

  12. Dee Thomas says:

    black people only protest when white cops kill blacks because white cops
    dont get arrested for killing black people! Black people always go to jail
    whenever they kill another black person! so its no reason to protest. show
    me one black peraon that killed another black person on camera & didnt get

  13. Diana M says:

    THANK YOU! All we can do is educate our youth. #blacklivesmatter isn’t
    going to change anything! We can’t do ANYTHING about racism. Racism will
    always be. Let’s find a SOLUTION! We need real change. People are so

  14. Tony Montana says:

    Everyone seems to forget that he $old out. The reason he doesn’t want to
    talk about it is because the people giving him his paycheck don’t want him
    to talk about it. It’s part of the establishment; to use pop culture and
    media to distract the public from issues that are happening right in front
    of them. This is the whole reason why people like Kim Kardashian and Miley
    Cyrus are even relevant. Just distractions to keep the masses ignorant of
    what’s going on around them.

  15. Jay Rob says:

    Dude is saying nothing pretty much

  16. DreamChaser Mills says:

    I was confused in regards to why the video was 40 minutes in length. After
    20 minutes I realized he wasn’t really saying anything substantial lol

  17. Khaliff Burnett says:

    All y’all mf’s mad at Rocky but what is y’all doing for BlackLivesMatters

  18. ThePackPlayZ says:


  19. Muxi Max says:

    Dr Umar Johnson says “We don’t care about racism until it smacks us in the
    face” COON ASS ROCKY!

  20. jasmine carter says:

    please don’t have him back