Aaron Gordon – 9 OUT OF 10 (Official Music Video)

Aaron Gordon – 9 OUT OF 10 (Official Music Video)

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Produced By Ayo n Keyz & Audio Anthem

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59 Responses

  1. Rjey Tech says:

    “ Even Adam Silver told me I deserve the gold” 🔥

  2. Billy Liddell says:

    Who wants to see him next year Arron u can’t stop till u win please u deserve it

  3. joe smoe says:

    When you get too drunk one night and you tell your homies “aye record dis rite quick”

  4. Kyle Le'i says:

    AG : “I jumped over the biggest dude in the buildin”

    Dwade : But was he 9’10 ?

    S/o bay area, san jose native A00G…

  5. Sherlock Holmes says:

    Imagine being this rich, that you could casually film a clip straight up in your house

  6. Argjend Xhoni says:

    “forgive me bro, i won’t sell my soul” aaron knows that he’s part of the illuminati

  7. KZ1994able says:

    now every 1 n the NBA wanna be Dame Dolla LoL

  8. ImMikeyIRock9 says:

    “Even Adam Silver said I deserve the Gold”

  9. Hayden Byrd says:

    Like 4 dwade and AG to do a dunk contest judged by Tacko Fall, Caruso, and bonga

  10. Daniel Fisher says:

    The only way Aaron Gordon can settle this is by coming back to next years contest & dunking on d wade

  11. Jake Paterson says:

    Jesser really helped him come up with jumping over Tacko 😂

  12. LeBeautiful says:

    Wade: I agree with that title

  13. BallErMax says:

    Aaron Gordon: cures Coronavirus
    D wade: 9 out of 10

  14. Danny P says:

    Can you make an instrumental of this? Beat goes hard af!

  15. Neil Chaturvedi says:

    Aaron : *jumps and does 43 back flips over the Burj Khalifa while blindfolded and dunks*
    Dwade : 9

  16. Sam Newburn says:

    every other rapper: flexing their rented cars and chains

    aaron gordon: *hold my guaranteed 80 million*

  17. H2R2 Renzent says:

    I will give this song about a “9 out of 10”

  18. Kayden Williams says:

    Aaron Gordon: *Jumps over the Eiffel Tower And the Statue of Liberty*
    Dwayne wade: *9 outta 10*

  19. Haydon Russell says:

    “dreams of a dunk trophy restin in peace” dayummmm

  20. Kj Matezo says:

    This is Art. Very under rated. “Perfects I got 8” r.i.p Kobe

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