Aaron Hernandez sentenced for first-degree murder

Aaron Hernandez sentenced for first-degree murder

Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez has been sentenced to life in prison without parole for first-degree murder.

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20 Responses

  1. bbaaaalll says:

    enjoy it, now you got a real “man cave”, with other cave men.

  2. digiprez77 says:

    Not over yet, he has a lot of money for appeals…

  3. Jimmy Russels says:

    He could have hired so many trained assasins with $40 million dollars (That
    would have gotten away with it). This guy is the definition of an idiot, he
    deserves it on all counts.

  4. Bernie C. says:

    It must be extremely gut wrenching to listen to your life basically being
    flushed down the toilet

  5. ph77 says:

    what a douchbag sociopath look at his face. he better save his stone faced
    stare for when he gets to prison. life is a long time. even if he lives til
    75, wow s 6×10 cell for 50 years. his best bet would be even florida seeks
    death penalty against him

  6. Jesse Duran says:

    How sad!

  7. Gigglyardo says:

    dat hairline tho

  8. Andrew Francis says:

    Dude could have been a beast playing along side Gronk, Brady, and Edelman.
    Was on the best team in the last 15 years. Had 40 million dollars ready for
    spending. And worst of all, has a kid who’s mom is gonna have to tell them
    that their dad is in prison for life. I just can’t understand why someone
    would want throw all of that away. Could someone please explain.

  9. Joseph Ec says:

    goddammit life he was a good player stupid courts

  10. BurrBurr1001 says:

    You guys may not know it, but murdering someone really does happen all so

    To the point where you don’t even realize what you’ve done…

  11. Kal El says:

    Brings tears to my eyes. I never thought I’d live to see the day where a
    black man gets justice in America. Especially in a crime that didn’t
    involve another black man.

  12. C88 Hova says:

    Mannn imagine the number of people that are locked up wanting to kill
    him…watch out aaron!!

  13. gqjohn1122 says:

    Beyond guilty. And they arrived at guilty even WITHOUT considering as
    evidence: smashing his cell phone to pieces and the text message

  14. None OfYourBusiness says:

    Was killing Odin Lloyd THIS worth it of keeping you behind bars for the
    rest of your life Aaron? You should’ve just took your “feelings” as a real
    man & move on. There are so many ways of taking out your anger with someone
    besides physically hurting them. Get some help while living in prison.

  15. Any Tree Will Do says:

    damn, he sure does lick his lips a lot .

  16. Pvp Rage says:

    What happened?

  17. Derek Leiardo says:

    At least he’s not gay.


  18. Javier rubiera says:

    Hahahahahahahah bitch

  19. XLPCX says:

    He’ll have plenty of balls to play with.

  20. Pwilidak says:

    and it sinks in…..