Aaron Rodgers Has Priceless Reaction to Packers Clue Miss | JEOPARDY!

Aaron Rodgers Has Priceless Reaction to Packers Clue Miss | JEOPARDY!

Guest host Aaron Rodgers’ reaction to this $400 clue is priceless.

All three contestants disappoint Jeopardy! guest host Aaron Rodgers when they don’t know the answer to a clue that is near and dear to his heart. Sorry, Aaron!

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43 Responses

  1. Alana Clark says:

    I wish he’d become the permanent host, but he’s still got his football career. I guess he could still film in the off season if they want him.

  2. Ben Dover says:

    People are complaining about him being flat and uninvolved. This was pretty damn good and his reaction to them getting the Celtics was pretty good as well. He’s fitting into the rapport and timing pretty well.

    • Some Guy says:

      @K Ryuzaki

      Yes, interchangeable, but one comes across as snobby and elitist.

      Just like all the business-speak of the corporate world, where people pretend to be smarter than everyone else, by using the most (usually annoying) buzzwords.

    • K Ryuzaki says:

      @Some Guy I experience a weird schism with the topic if I’m being honest.
      I like to think people should constantly strive to improve; not to be better than anyone else, but to better themselves. If one knows (purely an example) how to pronounce homage but chooses not to out of spite or stubbornness, I’d argue they hold themselves back. Professionalism is itself a form of classism and it permeates all societies the world over – there are those who are above and those who are below and a frequently used means of figuring out who you’re speaking to is to listen to how they speak. Using words with respect to their origins can open some doors and slam others shut; again homage omitting the h would be accepted by some but rejected for being elitist to others. To this end I both support and reject professionalism in language – usage doesn’t betray intellect or ability any more than the way we cut our hair. Vocabulary is so painfully fluid and nuanced that it kind of invalidates need for one term over another, but without a baseline to measure against we descend into anarchy.
      If nothing else I would say: Use the language you feel most comfortable with, but understand the world is listening. I like the French pronunciation because it just hits the ear nicer to me; I generally try to pronounce words as close to their home language just out of respect to the people who created it but I also don’t hold it as a formal rule if that makes sense? Each language has their phonetic differences and its fun to hear how different they are – at the same time, what fun is a language you aren’t allowed to butcher and stitch back up any which way you please?
      Do what makes you happy but understand the hills you stand on when you speak I guess.

    • K Ryuzaki says:

      (Im equal parts “Preserve language and proper usage” and “all language is effective so long as it’s understood”. Hell of an internal conflict)

    • Mike Smith says:

      So, what you are saying is that Rodgers is good as the host as long as the questions are sports related?

    • dead awake3 says:

      Yep, and he’s also flat and uninvolved

  3. MilchaelJoeJackson says:

    Rest In Peace, Alex Trebek

  4. jasobres says:

    It’s the infamous football category all over again!

  5. Daniel says:

    Aaron Rodgers is that guy that has a different tone of speaking than you think he has. Dude definitely thinks before he speaks

  6. Harrison Lee says:

    “Dennis, go again, I guess.”

    Oh, man. Amazing “I’m not mad, just disappointed” energy there.

    • Matti Suffron says:

      Yup. I imagine that’s what he’s like when the 4th or 5th WR finally gets in the game, gets a ball thrown to him and drops it. “Run the same route and I might, or might not, throw it to you again. We’ll see..”

    • Shane Douglas says:

      Exactly 💯%

    • K Ryuzaki says:

      I honestly like this guy on the show; he’s not someone you’d expect and has a personality to do Trebek’s memory justice.
      (I know/retain 0 regarding sports of any kind, not my thing, so I sympathize with the contestants but also gladly accept the “I’m not mad, just disappointed” look. I like the idea that having him as host might challenge people to explore more fields of study including sports)

    • lemon98TV says:

      Perfection. And after they got the next Celtics question he was like “Oh you know that one, huh?” Lol

    • aiden pentz says:

      I know that energy far to well, and it was displayed perfectly here

  7. Team Time Riders says:

    This is literally his fourth day and people are complaining. I think he’s great and if he’s this good now, he’ll only get better.

  8. Jack B says:

    He missed his true calling in life.
    He should have been a high school Biology teacher.
    The one that still can’t believe you don’t get cellular mitosis after taking his class. Twice.

  9. T0RP3D0 0 says:

    The show definitely has a different vibe now without Alex, but it honestly has been quite fun and interesting seeing all the different hosts over these past several weeks and their own presentations and styles

  10. Utkarsh Tiwari says:

    That’s some strong “I’m not angry, just disappointed” vibe

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