Aaron Rodgers Introductory Press Conference | New York Jets

Aaron Rodgers Introductory Press Conference | New York Jets

QB Aaron Rodgers speaks with reporters at 1 Jets Drive for the first time as a New York Jet.

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40 Responses

  1. Arkham Knight says:

    As a diehard jets fan,thank you Woody and Joe D, for giving us jets fans some hope,and an exciting season to look forward to….LGJ!!!!

    • A. Ali says:

      @Sniffy Joe Sounds good. But I wasn’t as excited when Favre arrived. I’ll speak for myself. And I said nothing over the top, you’re nitpicking and trying to make everyone assume like you. There is a reason you play the game, on paper, anything can look good. So stop trying rain on the parade, worry about your own team pal.

    • Brandon Alvarez says:

      Great move

    • Kriztian Nelson says:


    • D M says:

      For giving you 1 year of renting a QB on his way out? Expectations are at an all time low I guess.

  2. A C says:

    Enjoy the ride Jets fans! Whatever happens, SB or not. This is going to be the most memorable season of our lives. Enjoy every day!

  3. Eee Eee says:

    I cannot believe it man. OUR NEW YORK FOOTBALL JETS have the ONE AND ONLY Aaron Rodgers as our Quarterback!

  4. Muzikman 72 says:

    Look at Aaron beaming 😊
    He’s genuinely happy to be here. It’s written all over his face 💯😁

    • Spencer King says:

      Yes but he also looks uncomfortable (as expected, new setting for the first time in his career) I got more of a nervous energy from him along with excitement.

    • Dick Chainy says:

      Really is. I think he was happy in gb too until the last 3-4 years. He was definitely frustrated by then.

  5. Sara Xiong says:

    I’m not even a Jets fan and I’m happy for you guys! You can just see the culture change instantly! Good luck to you guys this coming season!

  6. WILL says:

    This moment is just INSANE! I can’t believe it. Though we all know Aaron is a super pro, the PRESSURE and expectations of this man are going to be huge going into the season. I’m so excited and sort of in “limbo” right now. Go Jet’s!!! Let’s get it!!!

    • Simon Nickels says:

      If anyone watched last year they basically got Jets version Farve. I say they go 8-9 or 9-8

    • edo marpez says:

      @Chad Mesi How come you put all the playoffs bad results solely on him? it makes you look like not very capable at analysis

    • Tony Montana says:

      8 and 8 jets ….

    • Bob Marley says:

      @Zach K I saw it happening right away in the first quarter. By the half I was screaming about how fixed that game was. NFL couldn’t let the Tampa fan base lose interest and needed to draw them back in with a SB win to gain all the money fans spent.

    • Jim Bob says:

      @don You’re gonna be in for a Big surprise.

  7. Gabriel Lewent says:

    Great interview. Eloquently put by #8. A true human being in the sport.

  8. reskin33 says:

    As a Packers fan. I’ve enjoyed Rodgers career every second that dude was on the field. And now y’all get to see it and cheer it with your family. Good luck this season!

  9. Roy Droll says:

    I wish our fan base appreciated Aaron as much as the Jets fan base does now. Best of luck to the Jets, I’ll be rooting for you guys in every game you play that isn’t against the Packers. Get our guy another ring. ❤️

    • God_Laughs _At_Atheists says:

      The Jets fans don’t know him, yet.

    • Jake Wettengel says:

      @Alex you gotta realize talent n killer instinct is very rare but I agree with you

    • Charlie Mack says:

      @Alex or maybe he was tired of the toxicity that surrounded the packers since he put on the uniform the same fans who was cheering for Aaron are the same fans who was saying he would never be better then Farve and 14 years later here we are again with the Packers fan turning on their QB

    • Sam Araya says:

      was thinking the exact same thing

  10. Chris Green says:

    I’m not even a Jets fan but I’m happy for them and Rodgers. Hope they win the SB. They have waited long enough

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