In this crazy world I have to surround myself with winners. People who protect me. People that in just as much work as me. People who respect me as a human. Time to show out!

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  1. Kyle Stansbury says:

    Character beats talent when talent has no character, you will never be a champ

  2. Adam Sigma says:

    wondering if there was any tampering involved while he was under contract. Espec since it was done so quickly. A verbal promise between the Pats and Browns agent 😉 Once Brown got the confirmation from his agent..he demanded his release 😉 I could be wrong but never know with the Pats

  3. AmericanDreamAlbum says:

    He has now become my. least. favorite. player. on my least. favorite. team.

    • Samuel Gaming says:

      happytroll 247 nah ab is going to threaten to Tom Brady for not throwing him the ball in double coverage

    • happytroll 247 says:

      Samuel Gaming if he does that he will be cut on the spot with no pay, Bill Bellichick has the discipline to let players no what they are getting into and I believe that AB will fit right at home especially since the core of the patriots success is teamwork and I think that’s what AB is looking for people to work with and that will help him succeed and I know for a fact he will succeed with Tom Brady throwing balls to him. Welcome to New England number 84

    • Samuel Gaming says:

      happytroll 247 No Abs ego has gotten to big

    • happytroll 247 says:

      Samuel Gaming no no no, the raiders and Steelers head coaches has let his ego get to big. No discipline, no teamwork nothing. AB is going to a team with both of those things and the greatest QB of all time throwing to him. I have a feeling he will fit right at home with the pats.

    • jetrolize 93 says:

      You just gona have to deal with it??

  4. SORRYxBRUH says:

    He’s going full Britney Spears on us .. smh ?

  5. Ham says:

    12 weeks a Slave

    “Granma’ they free me!”

  6. ratso69ful says:

    I’m not a psychologist, or a therapist in any way shape or form, but am I the only one who thinks that his behavior is somewhat manic?

  7. SedaW LoL says:

    *seconds later*
    AB: “Yes, hello…”
    “Hello Antonio, this is coach Belichick”

  8. 214 says:

    Note to all DBs and LBs on Pats schedule…. some flags and fines are worth it.

  9. R LI says:

    Staged but whatever, he never wanted to be a Raider, just man up and admit it Antonio.

  10. Aiden Garcia says:

    Got rid of Keelan Doss for this piece of trash. What a waste

  11. luilly greinert says:

    You are so pathetic! Happy for you got out of my RAIDERS ☠. You should never have put on the Raiders Jersey, your unworthy! You are a child and not a man. Never play with my team again ?


    It’s official: the NFL has reached the endgame stage

  13. East L.A Jay says:

    Antonio Brown is a clown ! My bad didn’t mean to offend clowns !

  14. jyanosky7 says:

    I seriously Hope’s someone levels this prick. He had the whole scheme planned from the beginning

  15. Elias 2007 says:

    I mean we don’t have to talk about this was all planned by ab and pats?

  16. Joe O'Sullivan says:

    This is not what people do when they get fired, unless they already have a plan in place to get a better job. I smell collusion.

  17. babyboy4534 says:

    “God is the greatest”…. don’t put God in a situation where you yourself manipulated everything and cost a franchise a lot.

  18. gholla says:

    The cringiest 49 seconds of my life

  19. Peyton Cox says:

    “I want to be a raider” then he said “I FREE”

  20. Cj Newman says:

    PLOT TWIST: His “Grandma” was Bill Belichick with a voice changer .

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