AB is ‘no longer a Buc’ after storming off field vs. Jets — Skip & Shannon I NFL I UNDISPUTED

AB is ‘no longer a Buc’ after storming off field vs. Jets — Skip & Shannon I NFL I UNDISPUTED

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucs survived 28-24 against the New York Jets, but the story of the game was Antonio Brown. AB took his helmet and shoulder pads off in the third quarter and stormed off the field, waving to fans as he left. After the game, Bruce Arians told Jay Glazer that he tried to get AB to go back into the game twice in the second half but the receiver refused. The coach went on to tell the media that Brown is quote: ‘no longer a Buc.’ Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to AB’s moment and discuss how surprised they were by it.

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AB is ‘no longer a Buc’ after storming off field vs. Jets — Skip & Shannon I NFL I UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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41 Responses

  1. Quisecool 101 says:

    As someone who’s been supporting AB since his Steeler days what he did was not only disrespectful to the game itself, but just unprofessional and a slap in the face to everyone who tried to stick up for his actions through the years.

  2. SPMN says:

    The hardest part about AB is that there are so many other players whose talents are wasting away never getting to the big game on bad teams while AB has been lucky to be on 2 great teams with great rosters/coaching staffs.

    • Brennan Condon says:

      @go bot name one person who does not say that about their players/teammates. Look at what people said about OBJ when he got into the league, until it was found out that he rather party hard then work hard. I agree that you can’t be that good without working for it, I have massive doubts about him always being the hardest worker in the team though.

    • SPMN says:

      @go bot his talent and work ethic in the game of football deserves to be in the NFL. Dudes proven his talent is greatness and he worked his way up to it from a late draft pick too. Im thinking more of those top 10 guys who can arguably be considered top 10 ever who arent lucky enough to land on the teams AB had. Megatron is my first thought. D. Hopkins in Houston before Arizona. Maybe Fitzgerald for most pf his career. AB landed in Pitts with a great team that ended sour. He was set nice in a Tampa Team where he didnt even need to star and just get his mind right and may have had a chance to get back in HOF talks had he done things respectfully.

    • Kai Stephens says:

      Your right but!!! They might not have the talent needed for the opportunity as well.

    • lostone says:

      Luck has nothing to do with it he made himself a commodity.

    • Ayo Easy says:

      Bt he made a name for himself with his play alone he was a top 3 wide receiver for 5 years straight was the receptions leader several years consecutive 1500+ receiving yards please dont compare him to odell he got outplayed by jarvis Landry in cleveland he doesnt have half the resume ab has multiple years of 100+ receptions 1500+ receiving yards 10+ tds dude was a monster lets not forget that however top 10 all time is pushing it

  3. Duke of Haas says:

    Didn’t look like Antonio Brown’s ankle was hurting when he did those jumping jacks and then ran out of the stadium.

    • TBE J says:

      I mean Winston was dancing after tearing his ACL… chris Godwin was running sprints on the sideline after he tore his. A couple jumping jacks ain’t much lol

    • The Goat says:

      @TBE J actually people just like to drag him even though most of the time he deserves it but this time the bucs are wrong

    • Adam says:

      @The Goat I’ve only heard that arians told brown he was done for the game, not for the season, if he didn’t get back in (which is totally reasonable). AB didn’t want to go in on one particularly play but he also didn’t want to sit out completely and miss out on incentives, so he threw a tantrum

    • J S says:

      @The Goat AB quit. If it’s true that AB told Brady, “Looks like you’re throwing to your boy, Gronk, now.” Then that tells you he wasn’t concerned about his ankle, but about getting the ball.

    • Michael Sell says:

      @The Goat please explain how the bucs are wrong? If he wasnt healthy enough he shouldn’t have even suited up. You enablers are so funny.

  4. Donovan says:

    “Short term actions, have long term & lasting consequences”
    Who else remembers Shannon sayings 🙌🏽💯

  5. Chilly Willie DFW says:

    This whole situation is just sad and disappointing. We’re literally watching a grown man behave like a child and destroy his career.

    • Tahh Foreal says:

      A Hall of Fame career at that

    • Chilly Willie DFW says:

      @Tahh Foreal Exactly, two more productive years and he’s a no question Hall of Famer. Now he’s on the fence because it’s hard to get in at WR. Might end up like Drew Pearson.

    • Devon Nortan says:

      AB had fake vac cards and did’nt wanted the shots, brotha was high on dopta and omicrack, that’s why bro went streaking and dancing on the field man🤣

    • PYL media says:

      He didn’t destroy his career it was already at the end and he made millions

    • TheReal Darrell says:

      People do it everyday in the workplace. We do not get to see it. Some people just cannot function around people in the workplace.

  6. MrYorkieLover Fitness Entertainment says:

    Some people are just on Self Destruct Mode regardless of how talented they are or how much support they have…..

  7. Young Melo says:

    Tom wasn’t enabling AB he was trying to help someone who looked like they needed help he shouldn’t get hate for trying to be a good friend.

  8. drjones Keane says:

    I was never a Brady fan but I’ve started to get a lot of respect for him. He was the loyal soldier for Belichick as far as keeping the culture in the locker room and those years and it appears that he was looking out for AB again, again and again…Both times he got burned.

  9. Gseric47 says:

    Don’t *ever* walk out on a man who’s always got a chip on his shoulder. The fact that Tom dished the game-winner to an undrafted player who ironically replaced AB that game…..nothing else to be said. Don’t play games with the GOAT when he’s the sole reason you were given the opportunity to play there in the first place. Still can’t believe AB did this. Hope he apologizes to TB12 somewhere down the road. Quitting when 5 starters are already out on offense just sounds cowardly in my book.

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