Abandoned Camaro Race Car – Will It RUN AND RACE again?

Abandoned Camaro Race Car – Will It RUN AND RACE again?

This was a winning chevrolet camaro stock car back in he early 2000’s. I’m going to try get it running and return it to the track it won at almost 2 decades ago!

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21 Responses

  1. Travis Head says:

    I could watch old race car revivals non stop. Fills me with joy to see this old Camaro brought back!

  2. Mike G says:

    I don’t know how to express what I feel watching that old race car go around it’s home track. Close to 60 years ago I spent several weekends for a few summers working in the pits for a friend. He raced on local Northern Minnesota tracks and did quite well. Though I’d always had a fondness for helping my Dad work on cars it was my time with those old circle track cars that developed my love for uncorked exhaust and the smell of those hot greasy engines. Over the years I’ve always wished I could hang out in that environment again for just a few hours. To be in the pits with the sweat, heat, smells, smoke and dust while wrenching on some old wreck that should have been left where it was found is something not easily forgotten. I remember Dad calling them jalopy races. All the way back to when I was 4 years old in 1954 I can remember what some of those old cars looked like. I remember the old Ford coupes from the 1930’s with their flat head V8s. The Hudsons that looked like big old turtles that couldn’t be rolled over. Their flathead straight eights sounded to me like airplane engines. These old race cars have always been somewhere close by. Tonight I watched Derek wake up that old Camaro. I watched James take it for a couple laps and it felt like something inside of me was saying “hey look, the old car is tired and limping but it’s still making a showing! It’s standing proud once again.” Once again it was in the wind with the checkered flag waving over it. Definitely the most glorious car on the track. Thank you Derek!

    • Mike G says:

      @da1ve468 low e.t.’s the pit area is a busy place with a lot going on. I envy those people and enjoy the new technology used on the modern race cars. I’m sure the crews are running on pure adrenalin just as we were. And being an observer would be exciting. But until you’ve laid on your back in the dirt on a hot July day while changing a blown, mud caked rearend (from a local junkyard) in a 1955 Ford Hobby Stock so you can run in the feature race in an hour, you’re only an observer. And as a side note, our driver said the car had never been as fast. And, we won the feature that night ($100.00)!

    • Jesse Short says:

      That’s awesome Mike. Some great replys too. Gotta be the best comment thread I’ve read on YouTube. 🏁🇺🇲🏁

    • da1ve468 low e.t.'s says:

      Get yourself to a local drag race…. a pit pass is usually only a few bucks extra in addition to the ticket price, and you can walk the pits all day long if you’d like.

    • Yota Savage says:

      Beautiful rely!

    • Eden's Children says:

      Dang ol sand musta blew into my eyes there….Thanks for the share….

  3. Auto Auction Rebuilds says:

    That thing is a beauty. Got the right paint scheme too!

  4. Twisted says:

    Bring history back to life. Love it. Cleet and the gang is doing one hell of a job breathing life back into that place. Can’t wait to get down there and see it for myself. The Freedom Factory to me is the YouTube Playground for all the great channels of automotive to get together and have fun.

  5. wildancrazy159 says:

    I drove circle track in the mid 80’s and this brought back so many memories. This car has the soul of a racing man within, and he still knows nothing but how to Win. Kinda hope we hear and see more of “him” on the track in the future.
    Thank you for this video, you just casually without fluff know what is wanted by us.

  6. Jonathen Sackman says:

    Sooo, the guy gets an old legendary race car running, hardly any tools, not ideal conditions, in a time crunch, when he himself should be getting ready to race, taking the time to put content together for us, his fans…..what a guy! Awesome car, awesome experience! Thanks Derek, and thanks to your amazing wife for sticking with you to get to do this, and live every man dream!

    • Michael Lawson says:

      Don’t go too fast might have a issue with the front end .

    • Wayne Corbin says:

      Derek is a hell of a guy I can tell he would be a lot of fun to go out and share a wobble pop with I can tell him and I and a lot of us fans grew up in the same generation where our fathers were out wrenching on a Camaro or Mustang or God forbid Mopar LOL I feel like he was raised working on the same stuff I was I know more about carbureted vehicle’s that I ever will a fuel injected one my father had several Camaros with 350 crate engines and 350 4 bolt main 4-barrel had a couple Oldsmobile Rocket engines which is the big block flavor but to make a long story short thank-you Derek for all the great content this is my favorite video so far

    • Vice Grip Garage says:

      Appreciate the kind words!

    • John Grefer says:

      I know right he’s the best

  7. Skip Brackett says:

    With as much as James does for Garrett, he deserves to have something done for him. Great job Derek, for making a way to get this Camaro running, when James’ job may have kept it sitting for longer.

  8. Mike Point says:

    What a incredible story , VGG saves another gem to live another day , and the pics of the car on the track is priceless .

  9. TractorMan104 says:

    James is such an amazing young man. The knowledge he has for engines old and new is astounding. Great to see that veteran car back up and running.

  10. Charles Vaughn II says:

    I could feel the old man smiling from heaven. Literal goosebumps the moment the car hit the track.

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