Abby Cates vs. Delaney Silvernell: Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” – The Voice 2018 Battles

Abby Cates vs. Delaney Silvernell: Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” – The Voice 2018 Battles

Team Kelly’s Abby Cates and Delaney Silvernell battle to Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do.”
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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season’s blockbuster vocal competition.

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The Voice 2018 USA YouTube channel features exclusive content with The Voice coaches, highlights from The Voice auditions, interviews with The Voice winners, as well as The Voice recaps and results. Learn more about The Voice contestants, The Voice tour, the eliminations, and follow your favorite performers all the way to the finale. In season 15, returning coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and welcomes back Jennifer Hudson as celebrity musician coaches, while Carson Daly continues to serve as host. The show’s innovative format features five stages of competition: the first begins with the blind auditions, followed by the battle rounds, the knockouts, the live playoffs and finally, the live performance shows.

Abby Cates vs. Delaney Silvernell: Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” – The Voice 2018 Battles

The Voice

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75 Responses

  1. F Dem says:

    Both girls did great, but that arrangement is underwhelming

    • jay charleston says:

      What do you mean underwhelming

    • Severus Snape says:

      +jay charleston Its not that interesting or impressive.

    • Teacup Minc says:

      Honestly I feel like the song in general is underwhelming, especially as a TV competition song

    • jay charleston says:

      +Severus Snape underwhelming would not be the word to describe that performance. I respect your opinion but I mean listen them at the very beginning with the slow melody and soft sweet tones, gradually growing and then their harmony was awesome. Neither outdid each other or over sung each, they did well. The beginning accompaniment had a haunting feeling to it which I loved. I think it was good arrangement, a little similar and different from Ellie’s version

    • Kayla Wright says:


  2. Shawn Spills [Shawn Thomas] says:

    ok, abby, let’s get it!!!!

  3. Ruthira Kapuruge says:

    Abby’s tone is so beautiful..She can win this thing!

    • Gaye Locklear says:

      Ruthira Kapuruge ….. I thought the same thing and I loved her voice in the blind auditions too ! It seems that there are some negative comments on here about her voice, but I think she has an amazing voice. I would have definitely picked her over Delanie …. “”definitely””, but I was still happy that Adam hit his button and saved Delanie. Honestly, I feel that Abby could win this season and I’m really looking forward to hearing her sing a whole lot more !!!!!!

    • Nass kc says:

      I’m with you… Kelly sees that i hope knockouts will show more of abby’s strength/range, coz i’ve seen her covers on Instagram… She is amazing, kinda like angel like tone

    • Nass kc says:

      +Gaye Locklear i know… Because probably the negative comments just based only on this song… I’ve watch abby’s covers on Instagram…she is much more than this song represent plus i believed the blinds shot coverage is doing her disserviced… I believed in my girl #starstruck #abby #teamkc #QueenKelly

  4. Haizam The Jackal says:

    Delaney… u are so beautiful.. thanks Adam because u stole her.. 😂😂

  5. Tenzin Tsega says:

    Abby is good but Delaney is soooo underrated

  6. Mark Humphreys says:

    Whoa. That beginning was incredible!

  7. Cala Tkn says:

    Love love Abby. Love how unique and effortless her voice is and her stage presence.

  8. kroTmaD says:

    guys we did it no more stupid titles 🙂

  9. sheryl campbell says:

    Both of their voices are nice but I like Delaney’s better. Abby’s sounds too much like other pop singer’s voices. Not mature enough.

  10. Irfan Senyum says:

    Delaney VS Abby – like – Addison Agen VS Karli Webber

  11. kmfa trt says:

    abby voice gave me a headache for some reason…when she started it was great but then idk what happen.

  12. Jake Benoit says:

    Abby in the background at 2:11 is unbelievable

  13. LED SLY TV says:

    When u think u can sing and mistakenly click the voice on YouTube u will change ur mind very fast😂😂😂

  14. simge esin orhun says:

    Delaney is powerfull and mature at the same time. I cannot make sense of Kelly’s decisions. Smart job Adam!

    • simge esin orhun says:

      +finadeni670 i was really astonished when she let Sandy go…

    • Srsck says:

      Kelly’s team could’ve been sooo strong with SandyRedd, One Up, Mikele and Delany. She still has Chevel and Kimberli but fr Kelly what are you doing..

    • finadeni670 says:

      simge esin orhun i question her motivation and choices behind things… I’m just like….. you gave the highest compliment but when it comes down to her decision…

    • simge esin orhun says:

      +Srsck Jhud seems to have the flash team now. SandyRedd is a powerhouse. Add Kennedy- i am waiting for her battle endlessly. The male vocals in the group also rock.

    • ali ka says:

      I love Kelly’s vibe I really do.. She’s so funny and sweet but her choices this season?! First Sandy now Delaney and then those spoilers? She’s literally coming for my favorites 😂

  15. Jonathan Medina says:

    Delaney was better, and more effortless than Abbey, hands down Delaney won for me

  16. Pedro Araujo Gabriel says:

    I apreciate how they transform musics that we’re all sick and tired of listening and now it sounds good!

    • Songsource says:

      Pedro Araujo Gabriel it’s basically the same arrangement and nothing was changed aside from being sung by 2 different singers. *facepalm*
      Great performance tho.

  17. logician32 gaming says:

    Abby was good, but Delaney gave me chills in the beginning verse.

  18. Ashley Alexandria says:

    They’re both so good. But Delaney had me at the beginning the moment she opened her mouth. So glad she got stolen.

  19. TARUN GUSAIN says:

    Delaney is underrated!!!!

  20. Sahar Nabi says:

    Kelly knew she was going to be stolen that’s why she picked Abby. I’ve seen her do that a couple of times where she wants both of her contestants to go through so she gives up a stronger contestant who she know will get a steal and another chance! Kelly is honestly such an amazing person!

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