ABDUCTION | Chris & Jack

ABDUCTION | Chris & Jack

Dave gets abducted for a routine examination.
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Created by Chris and Jack


Alien: Jack
Dave: Chris


DP: Anthony Kuhnz
Gaffer: Will Lamborn
Sound: Michael Cooper
DIT: Derek Scully
FX Makeup: Tara Edwards
Art Direction by: Brendan Rice

Special Thanks!

Joel at UFO- The Poodle Parlor, Nick Smith, Lisa Bierman, Josh Adler, Brooke Berry, Damian Skoczylas.

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20 Responses

  1. LeighonardoDiCaprio says:

    Was that really a fidget spinner by god there is no escape

  2. FriendInTheFray says:

    I cant understand how this channel hasn’t blown up to over a million subscribers.

  3. Hounoru says:

    “I want a second opinion”
    I fucking lost it. Chris and Jack is a great way to start your morning.

  4. Sammy Fishnu says:

    Expecting aliens from movies in space.

  5. CyanMan2010 says:

    This is a comment.

  6. Ammaz Khan says:

    1:51 OF COURSE

  7. Abraham Mast says:

    Haha yes us humans can’t take off our skin

  8. Tech Zombie says:

    Did anyone else see the fidget spinner?

  9. Zealot62100 says:

    I didn’t know that shotgun microphones had that function.

  10. TheAnonymousUser says:

    Damn, congrats on making it to the front page of Reddit r/popular

  11. Jonah Manning says:

    How have I never seen you guys before? This is so hilarious. Keep it up! 😃😃❤

  12. Eric Ortiz says:

    He holds up a juggling club @ 1:33

  13. Dan Bull says:

    funny buggers

  14. Llamasaurus Rex says:

    When you have the same comforter and pillow cases as Phil Lester.

  15. Shea Rennie says:

    man, you guys don’t have a single bad video.

  16. Akamaru says:

    never heard of these guys ( _totally my fault_ ) but this was awesome!

  17. Ted Gunther says:

    Why remove the sheets if he’s just going to be teleported?

  18. Hannah M says:

    Wow you guys are trending #4! That’s awesome!

  19. LuckyNumber 19 says:

    20k views, number 4 on trending. nuff said

  20. Valentin Biehl says:

    Nice use of juggling equipment there. Thats high quality and low budget

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