Accent Coach – SNL

Accent Coach – SNL

Daniel Craig brings his personal vocal coach (Beck Bennett) to a rehearsal for Knives Out.

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66 Responses

  1. Jacob Schneider says:

    this is probably what it was like for Keanu Reeves in the Bram strokers Dracula rehearsal

  2. Marius Moore says:

    SNL is getting their money’s worth out of those puke hoses!

  3. Mr Duck Duckington says:


    “… and shoot my sister with a gun”

    *tHaT cOuLd bE fUn*

  4. zach foster says:

    Franklin Hughes looks like Andrew Dice Clay.

    • coachkfan91 says:

      Little miss muffet sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey. Along came a spider who sat down beside her and said

      “Hey, why’s your butt so hot, bitch?”

    • Ian Lee says:

      coachkfan91 … comedy is fickle, keep taking those classes, I predict good things.

    • Ian Lee says:

      melvina628 .. this would be my skit. An actor being taught how to speak a southern dialect by a language coach. The coach would be dressed like Elvis and would talk like Leghorn the Chicken. Funny right? Then, one would kick the other one in the groin, and both would fart and start puking. Hilarious. Think I’m ready to be a SNL writer?

    • melvina628 says:

      @Ian Lee Yes.

    • Natalee Flóres says:

      & Disco Stu

  5. bryan giron says:


  6. Derek Robinson says:

    Beck overacting is always a treat to watch

  7. Tosh T says:

    Is this the same accent coach who helped Daniel Craig get ready for Logan Lucky? If so, hire him immediately.

  8. Tyrant-Den says:

    Between this and the Modesto sketch and the cooking show: they had a lot of fun with props tonight.

  9. Amanda Johnson says:

    “SHAD-UP with that Kentucky Fried, Foghorn Leghorn DRAAAAWWWLLLL!!!”

  10. Tim Cross says:

    Daniel was awesome in Road to Perdition 20 years ago. No one knew he wasn’t American

  11. Andrew Roy says:

    I am so grateful for the fact that this exists. Looks like SNL watches honest trailers.

  12. Ayden Burris says:

    I moved from Ohio to Arkansas and I can confirm that my butt is in fact, hotter here in the south.

    • Im a guy says:

      I live in Ohio and it sucks jk it’s alright

    • Mike Nunyabizness says:

      @Im a guy If it sucks its because your personality, not where you are at. I am in Ohio and have lived in multiple countries, the Caribbean and seven states and Ohio has more shit to do than almost anywhere I’ve lived. Parks, museums, the top roller coaster park in the world, huge concert venues world class shopping, amazing food ect…

    • Shavone says:

      Ayden Burris 😂

    • Im a guy says:

      @Mike Nunyabizness have you heard of something called joking I freaking love Ohio

  13. New Flesh says:

    Gotta love the audience member who “WOO”s at 0:03 like they didn’t know Daniel Craig was gonna show up at the episode hosted by Daniel Craig

  14. Brett Palmer says:

    It takes serious talent to act so dumb

  15. Jerry Sugden says:

    Haven’t seen that much random puking to end a sketch since the ’90s. Beck was funny and it was enjoyable seeing Mikey Day break. The sketch itself was…well it was something.

  16. PoppyCorn144 says:

    And where can I buy that jean jumpsuit? It’s understated yet stylish. 💅

  17. Jomard Benemile says:

    Beck is dressed like an 80’s wrestler

  18. Margarita M. says:

    1:14 If the character’s name is Cajun, shouldn’t he be from Louisiana?

  19. ACatOnCatnip says:

    I can in fact confirm that people in Maryland dress like this, the only time they don’t is during crab fest

  20. Amir A says:

    From sideburns I thought he was going to do Elvis accent.

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