accident ivan fandino web wm

accident ivan fandino web wm

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20 Responses

  1. Gugan _ says:

    Why is this trending

  2. Cole Kennedy says:


  3. Brittany Smith says:

    lol hell yeah go bull!!! I just wish he could’ve taken out more of those colorfully dressed subhumans before he was eventually killed in a brutal way by those worthless savages… tradition doesn’t excuse animal torture so yeah fk them

  4. hrh 5150 says:

    If you mess with the bull you get the horns

  5. Junior says:

    Sometimes I just don’t feel bad for those Toreros (Bullfighters) who get attack by the poor Bulls.

  6. Tyler Brininger says:

    That is the risk you take when you choose that job. Sucks to be hurt or killed at the cost of entertainment

  7. vichetca says:

    I understand both sides of this argument, the one supporting the animal saying its animal cruelty, and the other side supporting this sport being allowed in general. But the one thing I don’t understand is why people are glad he’s dead. If you want to do something and actually care about the Bulls, then do something, start a petition, protest, anything. Instead of just hating on people making a living.

  8. mitchrodee says:

    Accident??? Nope, it looked intentional. I think the bull meant to do that to him.

  9. Yes Man says:

    When nature gets tired of your shit.

  10. RyeDimarDragon says:

    This Bull does not Bullshit around.

  11. Harry Palmer says:

    Lets pray the asshole dies

  12. That Car Guy says:

    Hopefully the guy will have intestinal damage the rest of his life. Sure you wanna ride bulls, thats cool, but once you start stabbing and spearing them for fun thats torture… Plan and simple. More of these scummy people need to die.

  13. Draut Alain says:

    Tradition coming from the middle ages. Stop it !The bull was hanged afterwards, so it didn’t had a chance from the beginning. The matador died but he knew what he was doing

  14. ChainsGoldMask says:


  15. Ivan Ramirez says:

    Well good riddance, we already got enough abusive assholes in the world

  16. VariedVids says:

    Ban this fucking ancient BARBARISM!

  17. Rob Rogers says:

    They should give the bull the chance to cut the Matadors ear off, so he can keep it as a trophy.

  18. Luke7463 says:

    I can’t believe y’all value a bulls life more than a humans. I don’t care if you believe their sport is wrong but you don’t get happy when a man dies

  19. Mohammad I says:

    That’s what you get, I can’t believe people still do this.

  20. Temqe says:

    a man lost his life and you people are happy? I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

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