Accidentally breaking a $1500 monitor

Accidentally breaking a $1500 monitor

File this video under “hard oops.” I’ll let you know if the ad revenue ever buys us a new monitor.
Watch main video here –

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  1. TheSameNameasYou says:

    Even when you use a rubber, I guess there is still a chance for accidents. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  2. DragonUltraMaster says:

    OH no!

    But hey, it was a nice hit if you think about it. The monitor is so small. It’s still pretty impressive : P

  3. sharchibaldus asparagus says:

    The “oh no” counter got me crackin up like hell

  4. Benno says:

    Kinda suprised the monitor is only $1500 – considering the price of the rest of the gear

    • Adam Eggers says:

      Kinda surprised a small HD monitor cost $1500 to begin with for them as individuals, considering it cost nothing close to that to make it. Usually equipment prices are ~10x the actual cost to make a profit from and price reasonably. Source: working with many companies contracting their hardware, and knowing what that hardware costs *actually* versus what they choose to sell it for. It’s like Apple selling a $10,000 phone instead of a $1000 phone, but the phone is exactly the same, and the only difference is whether or not you’re a business entity. But, then, this is also extremely common with photographic and videographic equipment, where you buy a $1000 piece and a $10,000 piece and they perform identically, and the end result is identical too. Then you shoot up to $100,000 and finally you get a genuine performance increase. It’s bizarre, and often completely unnecessary.

    • Daniel Jensen says:

      @Adam Eggers I’m assuming it’s Phantom camera specific. Even the cables for their cameras can cost hundreds.

    • Erik Lindgren says:

      justified price for it is around $300 i would say, upmarketed 5 times to $1500 for branding

    • Batagnam says:

      @Adam Eggers it is often linked to reliability or service instead of performance. For example you can have “pro” hard drive that include in the price data recovering service. If it don’t fail no problem but when it fail you know what to do.

    • Sam Slade says:

      @Daniel Jensen The monitor is made by smallHD is a widely used monitor in the cinema/ filmmaking industry (its just connected through a BNC cable).

  5. TheChrisD says:

    I’m sure the ad revenue from this and/or the main video will more than cover the replacement cost… right?

    *YouTube demonetises for showcasing weaponry*

    • pilchtastic says:

      demonetised for the word ‘gozz’

    • Squirrel Gray says:

      Honestly I know its a joke but Youtube has been sucking the big one recently. Demonetizing all over ther place.

    • The Gamer Of FUN says:

      They actually got demonirized oh no

    • Evil Otto Jr. Productions says:

      @Cheez They damn near had The Slingshot Channel shut down and made his life hell to the point where he had to get his old job back and only makes occasional videos for fun now. YouTube doesn’t care how old the weaponry is.

  6. C Nish says:

    Gavin has surprisingly good aim, other than, you know, the monitor

  7. Freddie Goodchild says:


  8. Michael Bullard says:

    I’d buy a shirt that says “Oh no!” with the Slow Mo Guys logo and Gav, head in hands

  9. thirsten55 says:

    The sound when the rubber tip came off was amazing.

  10. Hayden Martin says:

    You can blame the fact that you made the dynamic spine of the arrow stiffer by using a shorter arrow, which will have caused it to fly differently to the full length arrows. (To the left for a right handed archer)

    By the way, the rubber blunts you were using are designed for hunting small game like rabbits.

    • onafixedincome says:

      Wondered if anyone was going to point that out….change the length, change the flight. Really wasn’t Gav’s fault (much, except they both should have realized that one).

    • Hayden Martin says:

      @onafixedincome it’s not really common sense. It’s something that I have had to explain to almost every archer I’ve ever taught.

    • Aardwolf001 says:

      The specifics of HOW it will fly differently may not be common sense, but “different arrow flies differently” ought to be

    • Shannon Gerry says:

      Thank you for writing this comment, I came to the comment section just to see if anyone else had said it already. I had to scroll further than I’d hoped.

  11. El Dezzmond le Space Cow says:

    “It was a joint effort”
    – Gavin “it’s not a joint effort” Free (Gavin Co-Pilot RTAA)

  12. boxhead6177 says:

    Wasn’t the last thing you broke accidently was Dan’s arm?

    • SorrowfulRose says:

      I think when they say loss of equipment they mean accidental ones stuff like mannequins are meant to be part of the destruction things like cameras however uhhh

    • The Atomic Cherry says:

      (I was calling Dan a thing. Guess that whooshed right over your head.)

    • Cynthia Flores says:

      EdoDave Daniel isnt that when Dan had to go to the medics in Afghanistan to treat a glass injury that happen in the UK?

    • Melissa Joy says:

      @The Atomic Cherry Lmao no, filming equipment. It was pretty clear what the clarifications for that was based on the convo.

  13. Albryno says:

    Dan: throws arrow back very slowly
    Gavin: Ow!

  14. frioré says:

    “Oh no”, Gavin’s accent is becoming more American each video ?

  15. mangacraz00 says:

    I know we’re all here for the monitor breaking but the soft off screen ‘ow’ at 0:43 cracks me up lol ?

  16. C and K Jewels says:

    the fact that wren was just like “yeh we take full responsibility for that” cracks me up

  17. Joshua Hunt says:

    Am I suprised they broke a bit of the camera?

    Not At all

    Am I suprised it took this long?


  18. Samuel David says:

    Didn’t you guys blasted like 10 C-Stands with a tank a year ago?

    • i can't believe you've done this says:

      @Lester Piglet what?

    • Xeadin101 says:

      @The Slow Mo GuysLet’s see… You eviscerated a GoPro with a cannon, you chucked a phantom on to the ground with a 50+ lb explosive chain (I don’t know if that one counts), you blew up some C-stands with a tank, and now you shot an arrow at a monitor. I’d say if you kept this up, you guys could say, “We did everything possible that you could think of to all of our equipment, and we have all the footage to prove it.”

    • Guillaume Nadeau says:

      Didn’t you guys ask reaky “how did that happend” …… after shooting realy close to 10 C-Stands with a tank a year ago?

    • Eddie Farron says:

      Technically, that wasn’t an accident, they expected them to get damaged, I assume!

  19. Mr.E says:

    The “oh no” counter plus the filming everything to the right gag had me dying!??

  20. Jussi Lundelin says:

    “This is the loss of some equipment since the GoPro cannon incident”

    C-stands destroyed by a massive russian cannon: “Are we a joke to you?”

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