Accio Decade Hallows

Accio Decade Hallows

In which John talks about five memories of being stunned by happy news, on the tenth anniversary of Hank’s song, Accio Deathly Hallows.
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20 Responses

  1. Jayy says:

    Johns hair is on your screen

  2. Matt Kaminski says:

    Hank singing is so beautiful

  3. The 11th Doctor says:


  4. Painted Dead says:

    32 views? Wow I think I need to make a joke, Ummm.
    The only way you could have been any closer to zero is if we talk about my sex life!

  5. Allison Chung says:

    Shout out to the green brothers for making this world that much better on the daily.

  6. Silver Trees says:

    Just wanted to thank you for helping me get a 4 on my AP world test!

  7. Rexxi A says:

    I’m not crying, you’re crying.

  8. Clay ward says:

    John your genius makes me happy and warm inside everyday. Even though I only see you once a week. Finding this channel is one of my favoritememories by far.

  9. Fangirl Faye says:

    Recent “shocked joy” of mine: Turtles All The Way Down announcement. I was so happy that day when I found out you had a new book coming. So. Happy.
    A long term joy of mine: Vlogbrothers and Nerdfighteria. Been with you guys for a long time, and I’m still so grateful this community exists. It’s been such a comfort and even a saving grace for me through some difficult times I’ve had throughout my life. As always, thank you Hank and John/ John and Hank. ^_^ DFTBA

  10. Girl Q says:

    Esther.…she showed me this channel you know? I coincidentally came across her biography and she showed me the way to this channel. She showed me a lot of things. Wizard rock, the very potter musicals and what it means to be tremendously alive. I miss her. Even though I never met her. Weird how someone can have such a big impact on your life even after they are gone.

  11. Kathy Trithardt says:

    This video gave me so many feels. I am both grinning widely and tearing up in the break room of the library at which I work.

  12. Laura Blaufuss says:

    Wow, this made me incredibly nostalgic. I’ve seen every vlogbrothers video and my high school years were incredibly influenced by them. Vlogbrothers taught me the idea of imagining others complexly, the concept that it is perfectly alright to be a nerd who gets excited about things, and that singing about science can be really fun. They taught me that and so much more, and this community has been a source of comfort and inspiration to me since I was 15 years old. 5 years later I am in college studying what I love, dance and English, and hoping that my trace on this world, however tiny, is a positive one.

  13. Brynley Louise says:

    That candid picture is awesome, and it’s so fantastic that your dad just happened to be there to take it.

  14. Grace Teraberry says:

    Five of my happiest memories:
    Nintendo 64 for Christmas
    All Cups Stacked in Seven Seconds
    Double Rainbow All The Way Across The Sky

  15. redballetbun says:

    Maybe 🐒 will be our always

  16. Today I Found Out says:

    Have you considered that between this book and The Fault in Our Stars you might just be the world record holder for signing your name the most times?

  17. The Centalist says:

    10 years since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. Wow how time flies.

  18. Deidre Barker says:

    Ten years ago, I watched the superb quality, beautifully aspect-ratioed masterpiece that is Accio Deathly Hallows. I then immediately subscribed, and marathoned the first seven months of Brotherhood 2.0 videos. Been hooked on Hank and John ever since. Here’s to 10 more years!

  19. Gilad Zinman says:

    The nostalgia is is overwhelming. I can’t believe how far we’ve come.

  20. Kathryn Bergstrom says:

    You’re just… one of the most wholesome people πŸ™‚

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