Action Bronson Reviews the Internet’s Most Popular Food Videos | Food Film School | Bon Appétit

Action Bronson Reviews the Internet’s Most Popular Food Videos | Food Film School | Bon Appétit

In this episode of ‘Food Film School’, rapper and host of F That’s Delicious and Munchies, Action Bronson, reviews the internet’s most popular food videos. YouTube’s biggest cauliflower video, YouTube’s biggest coconut cracking video, Facebook’s biggest cotton candy video ‘Cotton Candy Burrito’, Facebook’s biggest cheese dip video, ‘Dog Loves Cheese Dip’, YouTube’s biggest cheese curds video, ‘ASMR: Poutine’, Instagram’s biggest brisket video, and the biggest Action Bronson video.

F*CK, THAT’S DELICIOUS airs on VICELAND on Tuesdays at 10:30PM.

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Action Bronson Reviews the Internet’s Most Popular Food Videos | Food Film School | Bon Appétit

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77 Responses

  1. PowahSlap Entertainmint says:

    Wife: “What should we name our son?”
    Director, busy on set:

  2. The Kush Connoisseur says:

    I enjoyed the video but I found Action’s dirty shirt and pants to be a little distracting. I kept thinking the food stains on his clothes were streaks on my computer screen lol.

  3. Taco J says:

    the dog is gonna become diabetic with cheese but youre not while eating a freaking pound of sugar icecream burrito on your birthday?

    • MegaBigdadddy says:

      i mean its fine because you deal with your bad decisions as you come down from a sugar high after eating an ice cream burrito for your birthday, but don’t do that to your dawg man he would eat anything you give or don’t give to him whether its good or bad.

    • Nicolle says:

      eh it’s his choice to live his life the way he wants to but at least he knows not to subject pets to the same lifestyle. Likes dogs don’t know what’s good or bad for them and they trust their humans when they feed something to them

    • Sarah Barabe says:

      He’s talking about a dog that has no choice what it eats, it eats what it’s owners give it. He, on the other hand, eats what he makes for himself
      Also it’s not that deep I really don’t understand why you’re mad

    • lateworm says:

      i take it you support abortion but not the death sentence right?

    • Jeanette Jacobs says:

      He didn’t say cheese itself, he said if you give them cheese dip at least make it yourself, so it has dog friendly ingredients

  4. MrTingles says:

    i used to like him a lot, now i just find him nauseating.

  5. Duy Nguyen Duc says:

    At this point I don‘t question if Action Bronson is high anymore but how high is he in this…

  6. James Kirk says:

    All I learned from this is that Jabba the Hutt doesn’t like cauliflower

  7. DecoyDamsel says:

    I hate that asmr whispering so much ugh. That cotton candy burrito was magnificent tho

  8. FAST EDDIE says:

    “Action Bronson: Young Coconut”
    Album dropping 2019

  9. Ian Amanti says:

    He couldn’t put on a clean shirt for the internet?

  10. John McCormick says:

    There’s nothing unique or valuable in expectantly cussing and being unable to string together a thought or argument. This isn’t the first video where I’ve thought, “I used to like Action.”

  11. Amanda Benson says:

    Watching her whisper and make all those chompy eating sounds made me want to jump out of my skin. 🤯

  12. Shanya Jain says:

    Me:”CaRbS aRe UnHeALThy”
    Them: hmm, we suggest to use cauliflower instead
    Me: seems healthy-

  13. Lili Yurch says:

    Bronson doesn’t look like someone who would understand cutting out carbs lmao

    • J says:

      Haha that’s funny because he’s fat hahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Lili Yurch says:

      E.G CO we all know that man would rather enjoy good food then diet; I wish I could go the same!

    • Amy Johnson says:

      But he is someone who would understand how to cook good food. The point isn’t cutting carbs, the point is that bastardizing a classic with ingredient substitutions is lazy and uncreative. There are amazing vegan recipes out there, but they require commitment to learning the philosophy and technique of vegan cooking, not just the ingredients. See also: “zucchini noodles.”

  14. buddigabong says:

    4:24 i’d worry about action becoming diabetic before that dog

    • Pink says:

      Welp, at least he chooses to play with his own life and not the life of the pet. A lot of vegans try to make carnivores animals like cats and dogs vegans too.

    • buddigabong says:

      what does this have to do with vegans? dogs are omnivores and can eat a plant based diet (save some exceptions) i’d be more concerned that they gave their dog a dairy product.

    • Pink says:

      +buddigabong They are omnivores, but they should eat meat and it’s especially vital to them when they’re young.

    • Mijochda says:

      I’m not sure if you struggle with the meaning of the word should, or the word omnivore. But dogs don’t need meat.
      Cats do though 😉

  15. ShadyDemon says:

    He’s kinda negative and depressing to watch and listen to

    • J says:

      Hector Carrillo yeah you’re right but you’re also (kind of) defending someone who doesn’t like bronsons ‘negative’ remarks, by saying the world needs negativity. I’m not trying to call you out or anything, but your point would’ve been stronger without that last bit.

    • TheYongary says:

      “…unless you feel like saying it.”

    • Hector Carrillo says:

      +J i see what you’re saying. Pronouns confused me a bit.

      I am defending both of their rights to dislike certain media. However, I’m talking business.

      Bronson is expressing his displeasure with the videos. Good for him.
      But then that’s being “sold” to us. A product we didn’t like, so we express it.
      We’re not complaining about Bronson, we’re complaining to BA for showing us bronson.
      Bronson can do as he likes, we aren’t choosing his content, we’re choosing BA’s curated content. And, evidently, they curated incorrectly.
      Babish expressed negativity as well, but his personality was much more palatable and thus, more liked.

      When i say a nice world would suck, it’s because Innovation would halt since everyone is pretending to be happy about everything. I should’ve made that more clear.
      Also stops risks such as these from being made. I hate video, but I’m happy BA experimented, because maybe they’ll succeed in the future.

    • J says:

      Hector Carrillo i completely understand.

  16. Herman Blenneros says:

    I don’t think Bronson is funny or clever. I think somebody else could’ve done this video better

  17. ı says:

    We waited all week for this? 🙁

  18. Kristoffer Larsson says:

    So high he can barely open his eyes 😀

  19. Hannah Schrenk says:

    I don’t know who this is but he is a genuinely unpleasant person to listen to.

  20. BrokeTheInterweb says:

    I can tell this guy loves food, not just because he likes eating it lol. I liked his thoughts even if he was pretty negative for most of it. I guess I’m in the minority of people who actually enjoyed watching this 😀

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