Action Cam | Tony Hawk Skates First-Ever Horizontal Loop | Sony

Action Cam | Tony Hawk Skates First-Ever Horizontal Loop | Sony

Spawning from the mind of Tony Hawk, witness history as he takes on the first ever horizontal loop on a skateboard!

Shot 100% by Sony’s Action Cam
#SonyActionCam #ProveYourself

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Action Cam | Tony Hawk — First Ever Horizontal Helix Loop on a Skateboard | Sony

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20 Responses

  1. Koll says:

    He couldn’t have done it without action cam.

  2. riddleman65 says:

    ” I just want to thank Sony for the giant paycheck because my last game
    didn’t do so well”

  3. Zeph Linn says:

    action cam sighting around 7 or 8 second mark if anyone cares.

  4. nonames000 says:

    Hasn’t Tony had relations with Sony a lot in the past, like the PS2 games,
    he sticks to his original sponsors.

  5. dwightfry99 says:

    That was fricken cool and all, but it’s really silly to think it took Sony
    to make it happen. All he would’ve had to do was decide to do it and his
    money would do the rest.

  6. JYC422 says:

    1:34 cow?

  7. Ganjaseed says:

    WTF, No realtime wide angle shot without cuts and this is a sony
    commercial, what a fail.

  8. Silas ofNj says:

    … and when it was over, he re-attached his GoPro. :-P

  9. 130world says:


  10. Brandon Taylor says:

    Tony has really let himeself go

  11. Ben McDevitt says:

    You guys need to stop pushing him he is going to break a hip

  12. IIICadillacJak says:

    fucking legend

  13. astigmatik says:

    At his age, he can still do stuff like this. Impressive for a veteran :-)

  14. Harrison Engle says:

    I can see this being the begining of a whole new element added to
    professional skateboarding. Image egineers creating a curcuit with multiple
    horizontal ramps included!

  15. Average Joe says:

    Arn’t you like 60 now?

  16. Inline Downhill Vancouver says:

    I don’t know how the old guy does it…

  17. joshuajaydan says:

    Did anyone else think he broke his collar bone when he hit the side in a
    crumbled mess? Awesome work Tony.

  18. maxcohen13 says:

    Cool ramp, but the Action Cam is a little late to the GoPro party.

  19. Saurov Nandy says:

    Guys Checkout my Action Cam Travel Videos….

  20. shingnosis says:

    “I just wanna thank sony for making it a reality”

    Yeah – because this totally couldn’t have been filmed with a GoPro or any
    other camera. Real classy sell out there.