Actors Roundtable: Austin Butler, Brendan Fraser, Ke Huy Quan, Adam Sandler & More

Actors Roundtable: Austin Butler, Brendan Fraser, Ke Huy Quan, Adam Sandler & More

Austin Butler (‘Elvis’), Colin Farrell (‘The Banshees of Inisherin’), Brendan Fraser (‘The Whale’), Jeremy Pope (‘The Inspection’), Ke Huy Quan (‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’) and Adam Sandler (‘Hustle’) join The Hollywood Reporter for our full Actors Roundtable.

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Actors Roundtable: Adam Sandler, Austin Butler, Brendan Frasier, Colin Farrell & More

The Hollywood Reporter

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46 Responses

  1. LifeOfNate says:

    Brendan being here is sweet. And Colin being an intellectual and sharing his thoughts “expectation is a dangerous thing” is such an insightful thought provoking conversation from him. Everyone at this table is great. This is perhaps the best roundtable in a while.

    • Butterfly says:

      We all have idealistic views of how things will go for us when we’re young and nearly everyone goes through the humbling before their 20’s are over usually. Those that aren’t humbled or don’t learn from it are the ones that have major issues for the rest of their life and don’t reach their full potential.

  2. jzh8499 says:

    This wasn’t just a roundtable, it was a full on therapy session.

  3. Treeboy Productions says:

    Colin Farrell and Brendan Fraser are engulfed in this conversation. You can tell when someone is truly listening just by their body language. Brendan is about to cry at points in other people’s stories and Colin almost looks childish in his wonder. What cool people.

  4. Robert R says:

    Brendan is such a great listener. You can tell he’s empathetic.

  5. flodobaggins says:

    About time Ke Huy Quan gets a spot at these roundtables, with such a great panel, too!

  6. Kareem Ortega says:

    Hearing Ke tell his story with passion and happiness is really inspiring, and I’m glad he got his comeback especially with my personal favorite movie of 2022

  7. Nancy says:

    Jeremy Pope is one of the most talented actors of his generation and he doesn’t get enough recognition. Love seeing him included here

    • A-B D says:

      definitely a fan of Jeremy Pope I’ve been hocked since Hollywood following his career

    • Avery Gilbert says:

      This is the first I’m learning of him but I love him already!!

    • Douglas Victorelli says:

      If I didn’t see this comment I would post the exact same thing… he is brilliant, he needs a big project for people to see him.

    • flodobaggins says:

      I was wondering why he wasn’t appearing in other roundtables, given his amazing career path to date. So glad to see him in this company and sharing his story!

  8. Prof Hoff says:

    Having A-list actors talk glowingly about each other is such a healthy, refreshing scene. I wish every profession had this roundtable concept. The world would be more empathetic and caring.

  9. thelsnyc says:

    Hearing that Ke Huy Quan couldn’t get a job after his performances in big movies breaks my heart. I literally cried every time he told a story. It shows how differences have a really big part in every industry. It is sad.

  10. R. says:

    wow brendan telling kee “we’re still here” its so touching… its beautiful to see them flourishing again after decades its so inspiring and it really shows your dreams are NEVER old…

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