Actors Who Almost Ruined Their Careers

Actors Who Almost Ruined Their Careers

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The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Celebrity is a tough business all around, and the pressures of fame and wealth can be too much for some actors to handle. While these are problems that most people would envy, these actors might beg to differ. They came close to derailing their careers, but we’re glad they were able to rebound back into the spotlight…

Natalie Portman | 0:20
Paul Reubens | 1:06
Robert Downey, Jr. | 1:47
Mike Tyson | 2:22
Drew Barrymore | 3:07
Fred Willard | 3:59
Mickey Rourke | 4:40
Rob Lowe | 5:24

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20 Responses

  1. unonimus says:

    your website is cancer….. its super slow and jam packed with ads


    What’s a hard core fan? I have a star wars room & I love the star wars

  3. OrangeSunshine2 says:

    I prefer flip flops to sneakers
    I just got a pair of Nikes
    My toilet cracked so now I have to fill a large bucket to flush it. Real
    pain in the ass

  4. Ty Conner ent. says:

    what does barely legal age mean? sounds like one of those double standard
    words that wouldn’t be used if the woman were the older person.

  5. DatCaveman says:

    what about Carrie Fisher?

  6. Klista Bateman says:

    I wouldn’t say garden state is a bounce back

  7. Erik Freeman says:

    More like list of celebrities trying to keep their careers afloat (minus
    RDJ, he’s always been cool).

  8. Cy says:

    Turd Fergeson is missing from this list.

  9. Aidan Corcoran says:

    Why would anyone watch porn in a movie theatre

  10. milie jones says:

    I know you did not just call Drew Barrymore’s role in Scream a “starring

  11. HailAnts says:

    Never ever heard that Willard pulled a ‘Pee-Wee’! Thinking about it, why
    did anyone care?!?

  12. David Bloom says:

    Next time, leave out the wife-beaters and rapists. They don’t deserve any
    more publicity. They can drop dead as far as I’m concerned.

  13. Maxwelhse says:

    It’s a real leap of faith that say that Paul Reubens didn’t ruin his
    career, for life, for jerking off in that theater. I don’t think a Netflix
    movie in 2016 really marks a “recovery”.

  14. Yoav Moran says:

    You’ve said “with help from high place friends” and showed a picture of her
    being hugged, with the image focusing more and more on the hugging hand and
    her breasts.
    Do you have something more myogenic, or is this your max effort?

  15. Stroke the Forge says:

    Not gonna lie, you guys are way better than Watchmojo

  16. James Griffiths says:

    I want to fuck drew Barrymore

  17. Djarra says:

    Not sure Hilk Hogan will bounce back from his sex tape antics.

  18. Jemima1377 says:

    How does public indecency in an adult movie theatre(!) come even close to
    being compared to abuse and violence against women?!

  19. AKA_U-MAD says:

    Whoa whoa whoa, wait. Robert downey Jr. Was in tropic thunder in black
    face? That’s hilarious. Also, how could you not mention due date? That
    movie is hilarious

  20. 199 95 says:

    Calication ?