Actually the first Space Jam kinda sucked too

Actually the first Space Jam kinda sucked too

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can’t wait for space jam 3!



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41 Responses

  1. Violet says:

    just came from watching a Drew Gooden video and now this guy’s interrupted my day. Fucking furious

  2. Microwave Society says:

    Yeah the Space Jam movies were weird and all but can we talk about how Sharkboy and Lavalgirl weren’t in EITHER of them?

  3. Jarvis Johnson says:

    i forgot there was so much baby-making music in the first space jam

  4. ello says:

    I can’t help but think there is an intentional parallel between the Looney Tunes being captured by an evil theme park in the movie (made in 1997) and in real life, Six Flags acquired the rights of Looney Tunes in 1984 and used them to market Six Flags. Six Flags also has a park named Magic Mountain. Idk, just thought it was interesting!

    Edit: oops it’s tunes not toons

    • Netizpossible says:

      Well you can definitely get away with calling them “The Looney Toons”, cause the show itself is about the music, the tunes, but the characters are cartoons, so it makes more sensr to call em toons imo.

    • Grace Kneuper says:

      That’s really interesting. I guess warner brothers had a grudge

  5. MageBeLike says:

    When you were like “you know who else isn’t a good actor?” I really expected you to say Bugs Bunny

  6. SKELUX says:

    Hi I would like to buy this video, my offer is 3 walnuts and a ball of yarn

  7. Walker Gibbs says:

    Kevin Garnett actually gives a great performance in Uncut Gems, and not even just for a professional basketball player, but for anyone

  8. adasalad says:

    This movie wasn’t made for this generation’s children nor nostalgic-filed adults. It was made for me-the number 1 fan of space and jamming since ’01.

  9. Alien Enthusiast says:

    Bugs Bunny saying “That’s all folks.” as he dies is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

  10. Puffy Howler says:

    Y’know, I’ve heard many people talk about how space jam was their furry awakening, but now I’m just thinking about how many people discovered their inflation kink in this movie.

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