Adam Gets Heated And Fires Lush Live On Air

Adam Gets Heated And Fires Lush Live On Air

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44 Responses

  1. ingwopwetrust says:

    Shout out to bro in the middle lmao. Dudes self awareness is 10/10 unlike most of no jumper’s staff

  2. sixburgh64ss says:

    Congrats to Adam for reaching a level of scumbaggery most people couldn’t even imagine

    • Cee Muhammad says:

      Find Neely Fuller

    • Juugstar says:

      @Souljah4ThaMostHigh what’s that have too do with telling someone something out of confidence and then going too an app too regurgitate everything you said when you were venting too someone who you thought you could rust while you were vulnerable

    • B Hen says:

      A lot of us could imagine lol

    • Souljah4ThaMostHigh says:

      @Juugstar no its not that… its the fact that its karma for Adam for all the bs he did … Wtf? Yu think shit dont catch up to ppl? Before Slim400 got killed Adam could’ve got it done even quicker by posting the dudes HOSPITAL ADDRESS after an attempt was already made on his life.. Thats just one example

  3. Live Laugh Ash says:

    seeing Adam bitter because someone snaked him the way he does to others is a good pill to swallow lol

  4. Quakke says:

    Prayers for Lush and his sobriety through this trying time. Right or wrong I don’t want to see anyone hurt themselves.

  5. Troy Perry says:

    Lush finally looking respectable for once on air and Adam fires him that’s wild as hell.

  6. Confessions Of A Movie Freak says:

    Firing someone on air like that, humiliating him in front of his co workers is already scummy af, this should have been done privately. Sounds like grounds for a unfair termination

    • Raythesane says:

      @STL DEEnigga that doesn’t mean you can fire someone and humiliate them publicly 🤣

    • HerbVillian says:

      He’s trying to redeem himself for fucking up with house phone. Need a new enemy so the focus isn’t on him anymore. Lush was an easy scapegoat

    • Bushwick Bodega Guy says:

      Wasn’t Lush the one That called flakkos hometown friends to humiliate him ?!?! Not saying it’s right but Karma hurts huh lush

    • STL DEE says:

      It was done private he lied so now Adam got to clear sht he said publicly

  7. The Kim's reaction Show says:

    The way Gina greeted Adam I knew some shit was gonna go down … Adam firing LUSH on air is very disgusting

  8. Korrupted Beats says:

    Adam calling ANYBODY a snake 🐍 is absolutely crazy to me

  9. Gfernn says:

    Literally laughed when Adam said we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard like cmon man 😂

  10. YNG Hendricks says:

    Keep your head up lush! You‘re a good man and we support you !

    Adam you’re disgusting, could’ve waited till the stream ended

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