Adam Rippon Competes in the Olympics of Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Adam Rippon Competes in the Olympics of Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Adam Rippon won the hearts of millions at the 2018 Winter Olympics with his electric performances and outspoken interviews. But how is he with hot food? Find out as the figure-skating phenom trades ice for fire in the Hot Ones terror dome. With millions of Scovilles coursing through his veins, Rippon shares behind the scenes stories from PyeongChang, reveals the magical powers of In-N-Out burgers, and judges a very special Hot Ones free-skate routine from Sean Evans.

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58 Responses

  1. Brian Tobias says:

    I watched about 30 of these videos by now, I think It’s time to purchase a couple bottles of their hot sauce 💯

    • wickedd365 says:

      Brian Tobias The Hot Ones sauce is amazing! It lives in my fridge. Dirty Dicks and Hamajang are really good too.

    • Angelina Sepulveda says:

      I got some bottles from their website for Valentine’s Day! Best gift ever!!! 😁

    • backerman13 says:

      I got the last dab and secret aardvark. Last dab is good. If you mix it with cheese sauce or ranch it really kicks it up nice.

    • Angelina Sepulveda says:

      backerman13 i got the last dab and Dirty Dicks lol its so fruity and delicious its almost gone. Maybe one use left.

  2. Eoghan900 says:

    The innuendo going on here…

  3. Beef Supreme says:

    I’m so fucking glad I live in a world where this dude is allowed to be celebrated as a winner everywhere, instead of getting beat into silence. It’s a good era, all things considered.

    • Cole Peterson says:

      who’s your audience right now, bud? i’m a little confused about that. also flocka himself is incredibly lgbt friendly fyi.

    • Mykee Wattz says:

      Chief Flocka <—- gay

    • NinjaRider777R says:

      He’s not a winner, he didn’t get the gold medal and blamed it on someone who was literally thousands of miles away at the time. He only got the spot on the team BECAUSE he’s gay, there were other better skaters who were not picked for the team because they were straight.

    • Jimmy Nguyen says:

      +Bacon Baron
      I wouldn’t use comments on youtube to judge anything in this world.
      Considering how the majority of them are ages 12-23……you can’t expect that age group to be perfect little angels lol.

      Your expectations are too high. World peace is impossible when you have millions of new minds maturing by the week. <---just something we can compare it too. We would have to have an educational system parallel to religion from the 1400's. Where the majority of the human population was following some form of god. Now days we have government but we REFUSE to follow or listen. Basically too much freedom. Then we have all the hate towards religion. Without education/religion/government. How does ANYONE expect anything to change? Your expectations are too high my friend. At this very VERY moment...this planet earth in it's all known written history has never seen such peace in its entire written history lol. WE are at the MOST peaceful civilizations have ever seen ACROSS the planet. It's the truth. In just 80 years we have done more then anything you could comprehend. If you want to look back really far and think about what happens when you remove religion COMPLETELY.... you will see a more strict government across the globe. It has to be done because without influence in anything in life besides hate and media...the population of people within cities will be more violent and aggressive. Over using their freedom. it's a ying and yang and people just dont see it or comprehend it. We are soooooo lucky to be alive in the last half dozen decades. 🙂

    • Chief Flocka says:

      Cole Peterson its not the same flocka dick head and why would I care if he supports lettuce gay bacon tomato I never said I hated it but I dont support I simply don’t care so ur weponized autism doesn’t work here guy

  4. harasnicole books says:

    I’ve genuinely loved every guest so far this season, but I think Adam Rippon is my all-time favorite.

  5. starwolffan13 says:

    Sponsored by h3h3

  6. devery says:

    “if you think that’s a pesky bottom, look at this pesky bottom”

    “yeah, i’ve been staring at him this whole show!”

  7. SlimShadyLovesPastries says:

    My respect for the guests always skyrockets when they don’t give a shit and down the wings. He’s awesome.

  8. Xero Enigma Ⓥ says:

    “Can I spit?”
    “Yeah yeah. You wouldn’t be the first one.” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. what the snit says:

    god i love adam, nice job sean!!!

  10. GlitterBeauties says:

    Lmao “I flirted with chaos……..on tinder.” 😂😂 too many good quotes in this video..I can’t w them all 😂❤️

  11. Jake Roosenbloom says:

    What’s with the dislikes? Did I miss something? Completely loved this!

  12. UnPhayzable says:

    *munches on burger*
    I’ll see you guys in the Olympics in 4 years

  13. UnPhayzable says:

    Why does Sean need advice on how to get built when he already has a 12 pack?

  14. Mason Love says:

    Don’t know him but he funny

  15. Miguel Sandoval says:

    I still can’t believe Sean interviewed Charlize Theron

  16. Natalie deWitt says:

    I am so here for this.

  17. HJC Dormouse says:

    What a nice guy and actually ate wings instead of nibble or lick. Sean u can market new business all natural organic Hot Ones Lip Balm. It would be best seller gives instant fullness when u need but not permanent damage…his poor lips and tongue swollen by the end.

  18. James Duffy says:

    This dude is rad. I love how he can just roll with the punches and jab back. It makes a more dynamic interview than Sean torturing a celebrity in the second half of the flight.

  19. unlocked says:

    a *Q* *U* *E* *E* *N*

  20. Michael Rieman says:

    He’s adorable. I’ll fight all 2.1K of you

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