Adam Ruins Everything Corrects ITSELF!

Adam Ruins Everything Corrects ITSELF!

Adam ruins himself.

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20 Responses

  1. StickMaster500 says:

    Props to Adam and Emily admitting to their own mistakes unlike other TV shows

  2. Alexander Droß says:

    well in the one episode he showed the wage gap as if it applied to the same job the Problem isnt that women earn less in the same job but that they are in less playing jobs. on average

  3. Marques Brownlee says:

    Now Adam has to ruin this episode

  4. May Night says:

    If you are reading this I hope you have an amazing day and sweet dreams. You are beautiful. (:
    I make garbage music on my channel.

  5. Not a Potato says:

    What about the entire gaming episode?

  6. sirwillsirwill says:

    You admit a small portion of your inaccuracies and omit the overreaching fallocies and hidden agendas.

  7. Tony Music says:

    Don’t become an archaeologist…

    Their lives are all in ruins.

  8. Harambe's Long lost brother says:

    Love how Adam is really talking about​ all the numb nuts in the comment sections who always disagrees with everything he says because it doesn’t fit there ideas.

  9. Tom Mass says:

    Psychologist here, please correct your IQ episode while you’re at it. Thanks!

  10. Tampatec says:

    Loved it Adam ruined himself, lol well done!

  11. Remi Ogunsanya says:

    I thought that Emily and Murph were married in ARE

  12. Damian M. says:

    Wow they actually went about this perfectly. Kudos to you Adam ruins everything

  13. WrongThinkGuy J says:

    I can ruin Adam ruins everything

  14. Dood Guy McPants says:

    If you want to always be right you have to always be willing to change your mind when presented with new evidence.

  15. Keith says:

    I may not believe or agree with all of Adam’s points at face-value, even with experts’ commentary, all the more reason I’m glad sources are cited onscreen & online for us to further research ourselves (if only more news networks did that).

    I also don’t blame Adam himself, as I know he’s merely playing a characterized version of himself, a mouthpiece for the info. That said, I still LOVE the show, more specifically how it encourages critical thinking & open mindedness.

    We need that now more than ever, when it’s often SO difficult even with academic backup to judge credibility. Most importantly, this video teaches a respectful attitude toward accepting constructive criticism that we could all benefit from.

    Lord knows, comment sections aren’t the best at it. But hey, what do you expect with millions from different backgrounds typically protected by anonymity? The point is not to always be right or one-up each other but to improve on when we’re wrong.

  16. Exifis says:

    You forgot that Columbus did go to Florida

  17. Jake The Dingus says:

    how is a video with 250k views #4 on trending?

  18. Jako Shune says:

    *cough* Black women make 67 cents for a white mans dollar *cough*

  19. Solid Sorensen says:

    Louder with Crowded does a better job pointing out your inaccuracies. Lol

  20. Shados Callarin says:

    Anyone have a link to the full episode?

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