Adam Ruins Everything – The Misleading Story of the Cuban Missile Crisis | truTV

Adam Ruins Everything – The Misleading Story of the Cuban Missile Crisis | truTV

Adam debunks the notion that the Soviets caused the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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About Adam Ruins Everything:
In Adam Ruins Everything, host Adam Conover employs a combination of comedy, history and science to dispel widespread misconceptions about everything we take for granted. A blend of entertainment and enlightenment, Adam Ruins Everything is like that friend who knows a little bit too much about everything and is going to tell you about it… whether you like it or not. 

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Adam Ruins Everything – The Misleading Story of the Cuban Missile Crisis | truTV

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77 Responses

  1. Scott Crabtree says:

    Love adam ruins everything

  2. doom7ish says:

    Ciryl Figuis! Get back to Archer.

  3. swissagent says:

    Extra Credit also did a videos about the cold war. During the period, both nations actualy played dice with the situation… not lituraly of course.

  4. xihang yang says:

    So who start the trade war now between China and USA? Trump history writter would say China.

    • Bung Kusi says:

      Trump is an idot.

      Trade war is just rearranging a suplier.
      Instead of getting goods from china.
      They will get goods from other country that less in quality and higher price
      Remember, the reason that wallmart and other import from certain factory is because it offer the best quality/price ratio. And now, they need to go to the second option, or third option, maybe the tenth option.

      How about the product from china.
      The factory will find other buyer.
      So, in the end. USA lost.

    • Luke Hart says:

      Hoàng Nguyên them and/or south Korea

    • Hoàng Nguyên says:

      Luke Hart

    • Zen says:

      xihang yang ya wow just ignore China ignoring international trade laws. Jesus Christ. See how china has no respect for copy right laws?manipulates its currency? Ya ignore all that you’re a smart guy go bernie sanders!

    • Merky Water says:

      Zen, we(the US) are going into this with no strategy. I agree with you there are problems but this is where we need diplomacy rather than threats of trade war.

  5. gcm xlr8 says:

    00:34 Mein Fuhrer! I can walk!

  6. Blackforest98 says:

    had just put missiles in Turkey. Those missiles were in Turkey so long, that by 1962 they were obsolete

    • Queek headtaker says:

      Blackforest98 an obsolete nuclear weapon is still a nuke especially if the soviets weren’t fully aware of them becoming redundant

    • Sergio Juan Membiela says:

      +Blackforest98 the Russians never “gave missiles to Castro”. They remained under Soviet control in the hand of Soviet troops, in the same way that the USA retained control of the missiles in Turkey and Western Europe.
      You should check ExtraCredits series on the the subject.

    • Reinier Torres says:

      Not really, is a mistake to consider that Castro was communist when he got into power, he actually moved to communism as the pressure from the US and the friendly hand of the USSR. His brother Raul was a serious communist, though. Fidel wanted the missiles as leverage to negotiate the withdrawal of Guantanamo military base and the lift of the blockade. What happened? Well the the USA and the USSR negotiated an agreement without considering seriously Fidel’s interests.

    • Reinier Torres says:

      @ Life Is a lesson Don’t waste your talent
      At some point I thought the same because lots of people saying things like that, and that the revolution destroyed everything and build nothing. Recently I worked in a project to geolocate thousands of fossils, many collected during a long period of time, so I had to work with maps almost a century old until now, and put the locations in the map. You will be suprised how much the Cuban map changed since 1959. Many locations don’t exist any more, they are under water thanks to dams, most buildings now are made of concrete and a lot of new towns and villages turned into towns came after 1559. The change from 1945 until 1975 (well those are the years the maps where published) is quite dramatic. Before that not that much, basically a banana republic swimming in dirt.

      I’m not saying that all in Cuba is good or perfect nor that the twisted equality of Cuba is right but things are not that black and white as you think, there are many different shades in the spectrum of reality. The same rule applies to any country you go.

    • OriginalPiMan says:

      Reinier Torres
      Cuba certainly would have been happy for the promise to never be invaded by the US, which was one of the two big parts of the deal that the Americans had to abide by.

  7. Jaak Krusell says:

    Sweet salty caviar?! It should be: ” Ai blin”

  8. TickedOff Priest says:

    Everyone knows that.
    *Edit Now America bombs the Middle East and we are shocked when they strike back.

    • Popo Lin says:

      I thought that was common knowledge

    • Brem Curt says:

      Cole Kuczek And the tribes living there?

    • Athalwolf says:

      TickedOff Priest You can’t compare military strikes with hijacking planes crash it into buildings or attacking non combatants on purpose.

    • Athalwolf says:

      Brem Curt Well, Columbus didn’t discover America as the first human ever… But he did lead the expedition to find America and put it on the map for probably most of the world.

    • Nimori Kandara says:

      Actually Russia was there first.

      And Islamic Terrorist Attacks happened way before 9/11.

      They always hated America because of their christian laws and morals. Hur dur.

  9. Tavern Burner says:

    Extra credits did it better. Also Castro and JFK had a deal not to put missiles in Cuba beforehand. It wasn’t as one sided as extra credits makes it seem.

  10. SimeonDoesStuff BG says:

    Why would the Soviets put missiles in Cuba? That’d be like the US putting missiles in Turkey! Oh, wait.

  11. Ashley Pickus says:

    this is the misleading thing lmao the missiles in turkey were super old which is why the us happily took them out

    • Muhammad Hadrami says:

      Still why dumb enough to put in Turkey facing it to USSR. That’s really like giving a sign to say hey let’s start ww3.

    • Jason Krane says:

      because in war you have to counter your opponents aggression. if the united states never had nuclear weapons and the soviets did they probably would have used them. its a principal called mutually assured destruction.

    • fulcrum 29 says:

      Any weapons despite outdated, if properly utilized can be devastating

    • XZJS_FairfieldX says:

      GoldenGamer99 Then they wouldn’t be on the Soviet border pointing at key targets

    • Paolino Kang says:

      GoldenGamer99 you say thay as if the missiles in cuba were sent for non defense purposese

  12. Angellica Gearcrooner says:

    No… No. Adam, as much as I love you, this is wrong. This is just as misleading. Yes, there were missiles in Turkey, but they’d been there for years and beside that, they were so old that they were essentially obsolete. And it’s a good thing they were there, because then both sides were able to agree that the Soviets would remove their missiles from Cuba in return for the USA removing them from Turkey. Both side’s political advisors knew that the Turkey missiles were essentially useless, it was a careful game of strategy and saving public face conducted by former diplomats so that both sides could avoid war while also telling their populace that they “won” the crisis.

    • David Ellis says:

      Obsolescence isn’t really meaningful here. Would Jupiter have been less efficient than, say, a Titan or an Atlas? Sure. An ICBM would have reached Soviet soil even faster (assuming a depressed trajectory could be used in the 1960s). Even so, the only thing stopping a Jupiter would have been either failure at launch or a failure to hit the intended target; shooting down ballistic missiles was simply not a viable option at the time. Hell, it barely is now, with comprehensive ABM protection systems being few and far between. With the Jupiter, it wouldn’t have been as likely for the system to miss, either. Jupiter was the more accurate of the two IRBMs the US used at the time.

    • Răzvan Andrei Antonescu Rogoz says:

      Jesara Black Oh, please, have you even read any Orthodox Christian writers ? Our first intellectual was Saint Paul, then we had the Church Fathers, then many theologians and writers. I don’t know how familiar you are with Steinhardt’s “Journal of happiness” (a great twentieth century book), but what about Solzhenitsyn ? He was an Orthodox intellectual and well known in the West. What about Seraphim Rose ? He was an American intellectual who converted to Orthodox Christianity and wrote books, such as “Nihilism : Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age”, where he explains the West’s descent into nihilism from a philosohical point of view and criticizes both the Communist and the Capitalist utopias from a religious point of view.

    • Răzvan Andrei Antonescu Rogoz says:

      robertrulebirtannia I am not a liberal, I live in Romania and for me NATO has the moral high ground against Russia. Russia is Romania’s greatest threat, it is not Great Britain’s biggest threat, so, you know, different situations

    • Alec Skinner says:

      Angellica Gearcrooner Im confused. Nuclear warheads werent created until the 50s so if those missles were already there they wouldve only been their at most 10 or 15 years (which isnt as long as your making it seem) and still, its a nuclear missle

  13. Arturo Reyes Cortez says:

    Both the American government and Soviet government messed up with the world. This is why mutual annihilation is a horrible political idea. Why do every country has to be nuked because two cabinets of jerkasses couldn’t agree on political borders?! Does Cuba have to be burned to the ground?! Does Mexico has to be burned to the ground?! Does Turkey has to be burned to the ground?! This is like what an Ayn Rand’s “hero” would do, not a normal person!

    • 28Decimo says:

      Arturo Reyes Cortez ironically it ended large military conflict so MAD isn’t necessarily a poor idea. It’s the same notion of war just much more immediate

    • Spicy Puffin says:

      If no one does anything about mexico then yea it will burn to the ground since the cartel basically runs the country and every able person leaves it.

  14. Ma Hobgood says:

    Both sides played the pissing contest, nobody was innocent in this.

    • Miniverse says:

      Ruben Burke that’s the point. They’ve only spend a minute or two explaining. Of course it’s heavily abridged

      But at least it gives context on the nature of why the ussr did it instead of blaming it on unprovoked soviet aggression like most uninformed people in the states would believe.

    • Love Mix says:

      ??? *ﮚΣҲ¥ ĝIrĿﮚ* ► [ ] ◄ *ﮚΣҲ¥ ĝIrĿﮚ* ???
      ??? *ﮚΣҲ¥ ĝIrĿﮚ* ► [ ] ◄ *ﮚΣҲ¥ ĝIrĿﮚ* ???
      ??? *ﮚΣҲ¥ ĝIrĿﮚ* ► [ ] ◄ *ﮚΣҲ¥ ĝIrĿﮚ* ???

    • Ronnie Hopper says:

      The AnimeGamerDude it’s not like they were starving millions of people and direct violation of every treating ever signed

    • King Beef says:

      Ma Hobgood the USA stared it, l as usual

  15. Blackmage4001 says:

    Uh? This was common knowledge in history class.

  16. TCTCyou says:

    Adam ruins everything? More like Adam gives dumb people history lesson

  17. Wraithninja1 says:

    It’s not as one-sided as the video above makes it seem. I agree with the others, Extra Credits did a better job on this topic. As much as I enjoy Adam Ruins Everything, I’ve come to notice a pattern of providing counter- arguments to popular wisdom without taking the time to fully construct a balanced picture of the issues. BTW am I the only one who got the Dr. Strangelove reference 0:33?

  18. Spif Stiff says:

    This show has so much autism.

  19. Matt Jones says:

    Kinda sorta not really.

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