Adam Ruins Everything – Why Even the Greatest Artists Copied | truTV

Adam Ruins Everything – Why Even the Greatest Artists Copied | truTV

From Michelangelo to Van Gogh, even the greatest artists in history weren’t totally original.

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About Adam Ruins Everything:
In Adam Ruins Everything, host Adam Conover employs a combination of comedy, history and science to dispel widespread misconceptions about everything we take for granted. A blend of entertainment and enlightenment, Adam Ruins Everything is like that friend who knows a little bit too much about everything and is going to tell you about it… whether you like it or not. 

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Adam Ruins Everything – Why Even the Greatest Artists Copied | truTV

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20 Responses

  1. Musical Comedy says:

    Surprised to see this is unlisted

  2. S Pandit says:

    Well, nothing is original

  3. nyan panda says:

    They should do a episode on feniminizme

  4. Daily Dose says:

    This is why I hate art class

  5. Max J says:

    So DeviantArt possibly houses some artists that will have their Sonic Fan Fic cherished in the future?

    EDIT: I can’t believe this got over 1k

  6. Ty Manson says:

    He also didnt cut his ear of himself

  7. Great Meme Warrior says:

    It’s not copying, we use it as a reference its not copying because your modify it in some ways adding your own modifications

  8. magnum opus says:

    The truth is so depressing… no wonder people love myths and folks tales what could be a better feeling than to know some big white man in the sky loves you and will protect you from all the evils of the world ???

  9. Phil Dog says:

    Literally, like, every actual artist already knows this.

    Art is a skill, and like all skills the way you get it and refine it is by replicating the techniques already done by more skilled past masters of the craft. This is more commonly known as “practising”.

    Back in the day, when canvas, paint, and especially stone was pricey to say the least the only way to get your hand on these materials was to sell reproductions. Copies. Which was necessary, because back in the day there was no such thing as mass production of art. If you wanted a nice painting, you had to get a copy made.

    This benefited EVERYONE. The original artist received free publicly without needing to render the same work over and over again. The consumer who got a copy of a piece they wanted, and the “copy-cat” artist who received money and materials they needed to refine their craft.

    Even now, the best ways to grow as an artist is to copy the techniques and sometimes even the art itself of past masters. This is called studying the “fundamentals”.

  10. lemonjelloguy 1 says:

    Now people strive so much for originality they end up just making utter crap.

  11. L OL says:

    I want to shave Adam’s hair really bad for some reason

  12. Elitist Gaming says:

    Who needs history class when we have this xD

  13. Julian Salminen says:

    Van gogh didin’t cut of his ear, I think he lost it in a fight….. sooooo Adam got something wrong?

  14. Aiko Way says:


    Thank you, this has been a PSA

  15. Sive Anne says:

    Nothing is truly original

  16. Psiberzerker says:

    All thought, and feeling is built on Precedent. So is the Law. Science, Art, Music, Poetry, Myth, Religion, Philosophy, and History, everything in our respective cultures. We learn from each other, that’s called Progress. People say “Completely Original” like anyone started from Scratch, since language was invented. No, it doesn’t work like that, we are Social animals. If there was anything completely original, nobody else would understand it. Because nobody but the artist would have the Frame of Reference. That’s how our minds work.

  17. BSK says:

    Literally ever artist knows this. No artist suddenly makes amazing originals. They work by practicing and copying until they are skilled enough to produce serious art. Copying the masters is still one of the most valuable skills and ways of practicing. This video, like many of his others, is idiotic.

  18. Did you just assume my species? says:

    So thats why i’m so bad at drawing.

  19. Nathan V says:

    “First of all, why do people think that having serious mental health issues makes you a better artist?”

    Mostly because there’s a strong statistical correlation between mental health issues and creativity. People working in creative fields are far more likely to suffer from mental illness than the general population.

    Of course, while mental illness might make you more likely to be an artist, the idea that it would somehow make you a BETTER artist is a bit more silly. That’s where survivor’s bias steps in. Since artists in general are more likely to suffer from mental illness, the same is true of great artists. We don’t know how many artists with mental health issues were ultimately forgotten by history, but everyone knows about Poe, Van Gogh, Cobain, etc. We see a common trait in the greats, and don’t really stop to consider that it’s shared by the not-so-greats, as well.

    There’s a number of other factors, such as the romanticism of mental illness and the creative muse, but that’s the simplified version.

  20. Kayakasaurus says:

    At least artists never appropriated from other cultures.

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