Adam Ruins Everything – Why the Myers-Briggs Test is Total B.S. | truTV

Adam Ruins Everything – Why the Myers-Briggs Test is Total B.S. | truTV

Despite its mainstream popularity, the Myers-Brigg personality types are as scientific as a childish parlor game.

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About Adam Ruins Everything:
In Adam Ruins Everything, host Adam Conover employs a combination of comedy, history and science to dispel widespread misconceptions about everything we take for granted. A blend of entertainment and enlightenment, Adam Ruins Everything is like that friend who knows a little bit too much about everything and is going to tell you about it… whether you like it or not. 

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Adam Ruins Everything – Why the Myers-Briggs Test is Total B.S. | truTV

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20 Responses

  1. Jack Vanadium says:

    Time to send this to every teacher I can think of that has made me do this test.

  2. ROCKY balboa says:

    this comment will get likes for no reason

  3. Death Dawn says:

    Swear game theory said it was accurate

  4. Nicoplia says:

    Adam ruin gamestop or game trading

  5. TheWolfie234 says:

    Really Myers-briggs test really gave at least 50% insight on how I think and work… it’s to be used as reference, not so much as actually going word for word how it says who you are…

  6. Thomas Clifford says:

    Classic ENTJ mentality 😛

  7. trip1666 says:

    I dont even know what is the Myers-Briggs test

  8. BlaineTog says:

    Oh Adam, such an INTP.

  9. i Roberto says:

    Everyone else is having fun in the war

  10. GodLikesSnacks says:

    Myers-Briggs Test? Never heard of it.
    It must be some ‘murican thing.

  11. Rowan Dusseau says:

    Who eles didn’t even know what Myers-Briggs test was.

  12. Lone Star Studios says:


  13. ashliebelle says:

    It may not be scientific, but I don’t think that many people really believe that it’s a scientific method of categorizing people. It’s all about finding trends in personalities traits and figuring out the nuanced ways that people react to the world differently. Even if it’s not technically scientific, it has been extremely helpful for me at work to know how people classify themselves so that I can divide work appropriately to play to the strengths of each person. Detail-oriented work would kill my ENFP coworker, but is perfect for my ISTJ coworker, so having Myers Briggs as a teambuilding activity really has been useful.

  14. Emma Blanton says:

    This whole backlash against the MBTI is kind of annoying. Yes, the test isn’t scientifically empirical, but it still holds water for a lot of people when it comes to understanding themselves and others. Don’t toss out the baby with the bathwater.

  15. Suffkeller says:

    Well that the test is not “scientific” was clear. It never shows the whole individual. it is just a fun test and you can see how the person’s basic characteristics are. how is that even new???

  16. Karalius says:

    When I first did the test, I could not believe how accurate it was. It got like 99% correct. Not even that, it put to words what I felt for years and couldn’t. It knew how my brain worked, what made me tick. The detail and accuracy was unbelievable to me. A few of my friends did it and they all said they got 60-90% accurate descriptions. There is definitely some truth in that, even if not scientific, there had to be a lot of observations and insights to get at least my type so right.

  17. Joe Blogg says:

    This shows you have run out of ideas. This is your view on myers briggs, more than myers briggs being merely someones view. The test may have had humble beginnings but it has come a long way in terms of sampling and application. Please do your research before denouncing something just for sensationalism.

  18. Winterfell says:

    If 2 people get the same personality type chances are they answered most of the questions in the same way which means that generally they have the same way of thinking/ looking at things

    nobody expects a free 10 minute online quiz to be 100% accurate its suppose to be used as a reference

  19. Nathan Drake says:

    In defense of the MBT, it can be used as an effective tool to create fictional characters.

  20. Pablo Matías Valdés says:

    Did Adam actually believes people take it as a scientific test? is just a game, dude… if anything it gives you a small insight on people, but Boone actually believes these results are absolutes… Adam stating obvious things is not ruining anything… :/

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