Adam Scott & Jason Schwartzman On Their Prosthetic Junk – CONAN on TBS

Adam Scott & Jason Schwartzman On Their Prosthetic Junk – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Adam & Jason both had to wear fake penises for the movie, but Jason got the luckier end of the deal.

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20 Responses

  1. SaigonIntel says:

    I grew up in Southern California, even worked a few blocks down from where
    they shoot Conan. I know what you mean about the audience. The common young
    adults from SoCal have become astoundingly idiotic. I’m 34 and got so sick
    of the people there, I moved out of the country in November. I left America
    because those pop star- main stream craving Americans. You’re average young
    professional in America is quite stupid. The university system is pumping
    out these paper dolls. You can lead a horse to water I guess.

  2. Kepkaaa says:

    +Box0rz I also hate american audience.

  3. osskeet says:

    Well you missed a good interview

  4. huldu says:

    I know plenty of black men who doesn’t need a prosthetic.

  5. Woojin Park says:

    Jason with beard makes him look like he barely has a face.

  6. cperception says:

    the audience. hahahah omg

  7. 98moto says:

    I would wear the penis just for fun, go to parties and shit….

  8. Mikael Ortega says:

    What is wrong with ur NIPPEL

  9. Geraldine Oz says:

    haha I should re-watch and count how often they say ‘penis’

  10. MrXelium says:

    This dude on the left doesn’t look or talk like he could have a wife… .

  11. TitanGaming says:

    Wait, you can´t show fake penises on TV in the US? We can show real ones
    here lol(not porn, but like for science or comedy).

  12. hippotoast says:

    The difference between American tv audiences and mating sea lions is

  13. huskersmaster says:

    why do they have to have prosthetic penises, when they already have
    penises? seems like a waste of money to me

  14. krushkash says:

    geez some ladies are really overexcited…like they’ve never seen a naked
    man. and they probably haven’t

  15. Tresna W Suparman says:

    Oh my god, was that monkey in the studio? 0:04

  16. bob loblaw says:

    Is there a collective of spider monkeys in the audience?

  17. SaigonIntel says:

    This bit draaagged. What’s with Jason’s rambling like a young teenaged
    girl? Is that what cocaine does to gay men? 

  18. Flexmeister says:

    he really let himself go

  19. WilliamXCIV KG says:

    Jason doesn’t have a single a muscle on his body.

  20. Andre R says:

    “You were given the bigger prosthetic. I don’t know who’s choice that was.
    You must have an excellent agent.”
    XD Good joke